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14/01/2017 11:06

Growth Hormone: description and norm in the body

The growth hormone somatotropin, look at it in detail. How to increase the level of growth hormone, and vice versa. What are the consequences of excess and deficiency. What a pair of runs in the hormone somatotropin. The norm for an adult, and much more in this blog.
13/01/2017 9:03

Types of tea and cooking technology

Tea - a drink, familiar to many. Different varieties of tea have beneficial properties for the human body. Properly brewed tea can not only take care of your health, but also give a few minutes of real pleasure.
11/01/2017 11:39

Watch for the content of dishes on the sink

There are moments when the guests of the restaurant are dissatisfied with food, food partially and sometimes and fully remain on the plates. This is the first signal, consider the boss and promptly identify the cause. On that note, what action to take, how to behave in a similar situation. Another rule for kitchen chefs.
09/01/2017 6:55

Wizard of the samurai

Leaving at age 19 to study culinary arts in Europe, Yoshihiro Narisava achieved world fame in his native Japan. The one who gets the restaurant «Narisawa», makes a real gastronomic journey through the country of the samurai. His dishes are simple and natural, his philosophy - "Nature in your plate."
08/01/2017 7:33

The hormones in the human body, the rate of

Our body produces many hormones, tasks which are extensive. In this article, you can find the rules of the content of the hormone in the body. What hormones do exist, and what functions are performed. Briefly, it is clear, is available.
06/01/2017 6:00

Do not disdain to go to the gym and personally get to know the guests their opinion

Interested visitors opinion
I was always of the opinion that the chef - a real one-man band from cooking, so his responsibilities are not limited to trivial cooking. Throw in the generation of ideas, the rapid flow of creativity, duty manager and marketer - and you get the perfect boss. Nearly.
Why almost? Yes, because in this whole picture is missing one piece of the puzzle, as referred to in the following rule:
03/01/2017 10:00

What is the role of hormones in the human body

What are hormones. The functions of hormones and their effect on human health. Norma hormones.
02/01/2017 11:00

Do not let a guest dissatisfied

Why the chef recommends to leave the room and communicate with guests, interested in opinions and perceptions about food. Chief Reputation from part of its menu and it should please the guests, otherwise they will no longer come. Chief, as a key figure, shall be informed of all developments and do not let go of unhappy guest. That's what I tell in my next rule.
01/01/2017 11:00

Andoni Luis Aduriz

Is it possible to be a successful chef, the inventor of culinary delights and patrons? Andoni Luis Aduriz proved that yes. His creative experiments on products and surprise connoisseurs amaze guests. History "star chef", his awards and philosophical views.
30/12/2016 11:00


Transglutaminase - enzyme for bonding protein products. With its help you create a creative fish and meat dishes with an unusual appearance. Learn how to apply and how to glue the ingredients.
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