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25/01/2017 10:46

Delivery of meals at home as a business

Delivery of meals at home - quite a profitable business. Delivery service is relevant in today's market: many do not have time to cook meals at home party or bought them in the office
24/01/2017 11:08

Soy lecithin in cooking

Soy lecithin - an organic emulsifier which is used in molecular cuisine to create a stable foam, and for other purposes. With it, you will create an unusual and original dishes. Learn more about soy lecithin, its properties and applications.
23/01/2017 12:24

Corticotropin: description and norm in the body

One of the most important components of the human body - the hormone corticotropin (or adrenocorticotropic hormone). Its rate varies according to gender and age, and abnormalities can cause some serious illnesses.
21/01/2017 12:43

Employee salaries and its value

Kitchen rules for the chef. My personal notes to help the chef to organize the work and earn the respect. In this blog, we will focus on the value of employees. Wages chef is not the highest compared with other professions, but what it depends on, and is formed.
19/01/2017 8:27

Chef Victor Arginsonis

Chef Victor Arginsonis always absorbed in the work and creativity. He invents a device for cooking on the grill, classifies the wood for coal. His restaurant is located in a surprisingly quiet Spanish village, but it attracts a huge number of guests - Gourmet.
18/01/2017 11:13

TSH: description and norm in the body?

The hormone thyrotropin, which affects the thyroid gland, responsible for a huge number of different processes. Metabolism, growth, metabolic system - all anyhow hormone regulated. But what if there was a deviation from the norm? How to raise or lower the level?
17/01/2017 11:36

Explosive caramel cookery

Explosive candy - sugar from carbon dioxide, bursting and hissing in the mouth. With it, you will create an unusual desserts and original dishes. Learn more about the explosive caramel, its properties and uses.
16/01/2017 5:00

Give the opportunity to stand on the cooks wash

Another rule for the kitchen chef. This time I will talk about position - moyschitsa kitchen items. Cooks often do not appreciate the work of their colleagues, and sometimes do not even think about their actions. In addition, the purity can never be if it does not support. Should I give the staff the right to choose what to do from the wagon cooks and other useful information in this blog
15/01/2017 12:47

Heinz Raytbauer kitchen as a field for biokonstruirovaniya

Restaurant «Steirereck» has an unusual appearance and original interior decoration. Its head chef Heinz Raytbauer successful in life and in the soul of an architect. The kitchen in his performance - a fish, baked in beeswax, unusual sauces and magical desserts. His philosophy is the harmonious combination of natural and nature of technological innovations
14/01/2017 11:06

Growth Hormone: description and norm in the body

The growth hormone somatotropin, look at it in detail. How to increase the level of growth hormone, and vice versa. What are the consequences of excess and deficiency. What a pair of runs in the hormone somatotropin. The norm for an adult, and much more in this blog.
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