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07/09/2016 10:00

The use of quail eggs

Quail eggs, they are so small, but so many interesting things contain. How can I use this product, for whom it would be most useful recipes of quail eggs in the molecular cuisine. What and how to cook soft-boiled quail eggs. Truth or myth that the quail eggs no salmonella. Read my blog and leave comments
04/09/2016 16:24

Preparation of white mushrooms in the winter

This year is no problem with mushrooms, favorable weather conditions and fold in some areas beating records on the collection of King Russian mushrooms. What to do next if you score a lot of mushrooms, some useful properties and how to cook delicious and I will tell you in his blog.
03/09/2016 22:59

Cooking classes on Roman Trusov

In this blog I will tell you What made me hold group workshops than they are fundamentally different from other similar events. What you will learn and get in my master class. Terms, discounts, new technologies.
02/09/2016 21:03

Vacuumizers and sous-vide technology

Few will tell you the wonderful technology in a vacuum cooking at low temperatures. Specific recipes for the preparation of, and links to the vacuum packers. What else can be done with the help of a vacuum. Read my blog and delay the necessary information on the shelf of knowledge.
17/08/2016 13:37

How to make blackberry jam with whole berries

When comes the season of mushrooms, berries, cheap fruit and vegetables, is a sin not to make preparations for the winter. But before canning the product you need to know the intricacies of cooking. In this article, let's talk about the wonderful blackberries.
12/08/2016 7:00

Why chef program for catering

Features and functionality that is useful to the chef in the programs for catering. What to look for when choosing automation restaurant. Tips boss.
10/08/2016 10:00

Automation of cafes: the options of budget programs

In this article, a selection of the most cost software for the automation of cafes and bars. If you are planning to open their small bar, this article you will be, as ever, is useful.
09/08/2016 17:55

What is a Candy Bar

Recently, this phrase became more popular and spoken. Try to figure out in this direction.
08/08/2016 14:54

The program for catering

Currently, the market can find a lot of programs to automate the catering and restaurant business. In this article, I will share briefly, the main disadvantage of the program. How to make the right choice and what to look for when choosing. The main criteria.
29/07/2016 10:24

Collation statement: frequently asked questions

What is collation statement? As it should be filled? How should undergo removal of residues of the procedure? All of these issues are described in this article. Read, comment, compare with reality, share tips.
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