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14/10/2016 5:33

Start your day by checking refrigerators. Golden Rules chef

Brilliant marketing scheme, the charm and atmosphere of a fancy interior of the restaurant is not able to compete with the quality of food served in the facility. Accordingly, success is unimaginable without the first rule, which should be clearly imprinted in the memory of each boss. Check refrigerators and quality pieces - this is what should start your morning. Details will discuss this matter further.
03/10/2016 1:00

The most powerful aphrodisiacs products TOP 50

What you need to have to be on our toes, sex products that stimulate the production of sex hormones. Top 50. Read and leave comments.
28/09/2016 9:19

The competition for chefs unique "Bocuse d'Or"

Battle of the best chefs in the world, or culinary Olympics? What is curious in the competition "Bocuse d'Or"? Who and on what conditions can take part?
26/09/2016 2:00

Molecular cuisine: what it is

Amazing culinary experiments of molecular cuisine. Interesting facts about culinary physics and unusual methods of preparing the foods.
23/09/2016 9:00

Group cooking class. Wonderful cuisine awaits guests

Friends, you are often asked about how to get to my cooking courses or a master class. His great desire to learn with my help to prepare delicious meals, you inspired me to a special culinary meeting. I decided to put everyone in their wonderful, in every sense, and kitchen to share with you some of my secrets toques. You are curious what will happen to my guests? Now I tell more.
22/09/2016 9:00

How to cook quail eggs

Some simple recipes to cook the best quail eggs, what to serve and how much cooking time. Read and leave your recipes.
16/09/2016 1:00

Benefits and harms of quail eggs are two sides of the product

What are the benefits and harms of quail eggs. Two sides of the coin. This contraindication and who recommended this product. Where can I buy not expensive in St. Petersburg. Read and leave comments.
13/09/2016 12:00

Quail eggs: 10 reasons for the possible harm to the human body

Many say and praise quail eggs, but there is also a dark side to the coin. This blog is about, what harm can bring quail eggs. Ten major causes of harmful manifestations of whom are not recommended eggs. Read and leave comments.
12/09/2016 16:23

Molecular cuisine restaurant that awaits guest

Fashionable for culinary arts or surprising? The specifics of the restaurant, offering dishes of unusual appearance and taste. What to Expect guests from institutions of molecular gastronomy?
07/09/2016 10:00

The use of quail eggs

Quail eggs, they are so small, but so many interesting things contain. How can I use this product, for whom it would be most useful recipes of quail eggs in the molecular cuisine. What and how to cook soft-boiled quail eggs. Truth or myth that the quail eggs no salmonella. Read my blog and leave comments
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