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15/06/2017 11:42

Daniel Berlin

Daniel - the owner of a small restaurant in a Swiss village, marked by the star of the popular gastronomic ranking Michelin. What is the secret of the success of the chef?
12/06/2017 9:27

Chef of Shuso Kishida

Shuzo Kishida - marked by restaurant ratings, culinary critics and ordinary visitors chef. His restaurant is in Japan and offers to try French cuisine.
09/06/2017 11:51

Chef Fergus Henderson

Fergus Henderson is the founder and chef of the restaurant. John. Despite the fact that from his childhood the profession of an architect was prepared, Fergus became famous throughout the country as a chef.
06/06/2017 11:21

Chef Corey Lee

Cory Lee - the owner and chef of the restaurant Benu. Its establishment marked a famous restaurant ratings and culinary journals, and the chef is known prakticheskivsemu world.
03/06/2017 11:29

Chef Rainer Becker

Rainer Becker - German chef who owns a high quality Japanese restaurant Zuma. What is the secret of his success?
30/05/2017 11:31

Brett Graham and modern culinary arts

A restaurant that does not require advertising. The chef, who is known as a young genius. Brett Graham and his magnificent «The Ledbury». Fire mokrel and partridge in peanut milk - favorite French dish of Londoners.
27/05/2017 8:31

Chef Harald Wohlfahrt

Harald Wohlfahrt - the creator of a unique style of cooking, as well as the chef of the famous restaurant in Germany, marked by three Michelin stars, a prestigious award
24/05/2017 11:11

Chef Manish Mehrotra

Manish Mehrotra - best Indian chef according to many culinary rankings and magazines. What is the secret of his success?
22/05/2017 10:07

Chef Umberto Bombali

Italian chef, who lives in Hong Kong, owns a restaurant, which is famous not only in China but throughout the world.
19/05/2017 9:33

Chef Eric Freshon

Eric Freshon - Chef French restaurant Epicure, well-known figure in the world of cooking. Restaurant Erica has a three-star Michelin cooking.
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