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30/05/2017 11:31

Brett Graham and modern culinary arts

A restaurant that does not require advertising. The chef, who is known as a young genius. Brett Graham and his magnificent «The Ledbury». Fire mokrel and partridge in peanut milk - favorite French dish of Londoners.
27/05/2017 8:31

Chef Harald Wohlfahrt

Harald Wohlfahrt - the creator of a unique style of cooking, as well as the chef of the famous restaurant in Germany, marked by three Michelin stars, a prestigious award
24/05/2017 11:11

Chef Manish Mehrotra

Manish Mehrotra - best Indian chef according to many culinary rankings and magazines. What is the secret of his success?
22/05/2017 10:07

Chef Umberto Bombali

Italian chef, who lives in Hong Kong, owns a restaurant, which is famous not only in China but throughout the world.
19/05/2017 9:33

Chef Eric Freshon

Eric Freshon - Chef French restaurant Epicure, well-known figure in the world of cooking. Restaurant Erica has a three-star Michelin cooking.
17/05/2017 11:06

Chef Niko Romito

The restaurant owner Reale - Niko Romito, an award-winning chef with its own unique cooking technology. What is the secret of success of the culinary master?
16/05/2017 8:24

Do not let the will of the emotions - is a weakness. Always decisive question calmly and quietly

Why the chef should not yell at employees? How to solve the problem without hysteria? How not to show weakness at work emotionally? Ways to restrain emotions during the working process. Cool and calm boss help constructively and solve problems quickly.
15/05/2017 11:17

Chef Jose Avillez

Jose Avillez - the first Portuguese chef and owner of the restaurant chain, awarded two Michelin stars of the prestigious award. Its cuisine is based on the traditions of Portuguese cooking
13/05/2017 9:44

Chef German Martitegi

German Martitegi since childhood felt the love of cooking. Despite the non-core education, Herman started working as a cook. With experience, he opened his own restaurant, which was the best in the country.
12/05/2017 11:39

Morel: properties and recipes

Morel - Forest mushroom, the value of which was estimated in antiquity. It is believed that the fungus is poisonous, but it is not - it is possible to cook and eat. What do I need to do?
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