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Adrenaline: description and norm in the body

The best-known hormone that affects the emotional sphere of man - adrenaline. It is produced by the adrenal glands (organs located above the upper pole of the kidneys). hormone level increases in shock or stress or danger.
Description and norm
During the hormone adrenaline in the blood of man proceeds feel a flurry of emotions. This is required primarily in order to cope with various difficulties and stressful situations. After the adrenaline going vasoconstriction, the heart beats faster, the pupils become wider. Muscles tense, increased protein metabolism of the body (especially when high concentrations of the hormone).
Normal adrenalin hormone in the body - from 112 to 658 pg / ml. Changing the level above or below a normal level indicates the various disease states of an organism. More about the content of hormones in the body and normally you can find here.
Adrenaline and food
Reduce the release of adrenaline to help foods high in vitamin B. Eat avocados, bananas, beans, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, tomatoes, spinach - these products will help to reduce stress and improve mood. Eat asparagus, drink mint tea, dairy products (especially warm milk before going to bed) to get rid of insomnia and unnecessary emotions.
Avoid excessive consumption of foods that can cause anxiety attacks and, as a consequence, increased adrenaline. Take care of your health. Reduce the number of drinks with excessive caffeine content, do not abuse alcohol and nicotine.
Excessive hormone content entails an increase in the muscular layer of the heart. Man begins to rapidly lose weight, his muscle mass decreases. There are problems with the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Symptoms status: frequent heartbeat and breathing, irritability, restlessness. A man sleeps less, experiences frequent dizziness and constant, ongoing need for action. The energy that accumulates in the body, eventually spills into a nervous breakdown.
The lack of the hormone signals the depression, depressed and melancholy. Sometimes there is exposure to bad habits: habits, smoking and even drugs. The ideal way to treat - to find employment and to stimulate the release of hormones by using an active lifestyle and a variety of extreme sports.
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