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Andoni Luis Aduriz

Andoni Luis Aduriz: not just a cook, and "provider" of positive emotions
"Some people think that my kitchen is too strict.
But I just make it elegant "
Andoni Luis Aduriz
Successful chef and philanthropist
Kitchen Andoni Luis Aduriz for some gourmet is not the acme of perfection, but always surprising their tastes. The holder of two Michelin stars is constantly trying to grow creatively and invent new combinations of ingredients. Not everyone understands how he was able to achieve such success. But only until such time as they reach his restaurant «Mugaritz».
His cuisine is not necessary to call a national, Aduriz believes that the kitchen can not belong to a particular place. The origins of his creative is throwing Basque cuisine. At the heart of today's foods are used only local produce, herbs and spices, with its garden.
Andoni Aduriz not only a great master of culinary delights, he is also a good man. This patron of the arts, he holds various culinary events, raising money for a children's fund.
The future world-class chef was born in San Sebastian in 1971. At school he was a bad student, so the admission to the University does not even dreamed of. Went to learn culinary secrets in ordinary secondary school, although not too interested in cooking art. But somehow I read cookbooks French celebrity chefs. Michel Bras and Pierre Gagnaire made him realize that the kitchen can be great to express their thoughts.
In Spain, Aduriz was difficult to start Povarskaya career, he worked in the small family establishments. After I went to Catalonia, where he was fortunate to train and study at the «El Bulli» the master Ferran Adrià. By the project of his restaurant «Mugaritz» Andoni Luis Aduriz has decided to start in 1998.
Creative experiments in the kitchen.
Andoni Luis Aduriz of those chefs whose restaurants no specific menu. All the dishes that picks guests at the tasting, prepared individually, taking into account the tastes and preferences of a particular person. Restaurant «Mugaritz» does not work all year round to visit him only from April to December. All other months Aduriz and the team engaged kretivnymi experiments in the kitchen.
Experts believe that the Andoni Aduriz offers a "botanical" kitchen, but he says that just wants to get special conditions for any product.
His most famous and delicious dish is "Icy pieces", it looks very strange, but it affects the harmony of flavors. On the plate are beautiful pieces of scarlet ice emits a shrimp flavor and possessing an indescribable flavor.
• Restaurant «Mugaritz» has 2 stars, obtained from Michelin
• The institution has entered the top ten best restaurants in the world
master Philosophy
Andoni Luis Aduriz says his restaurant - the place where people come not only to eat, but to feel. In addition to its delicious dishes the chef wants to give its guests emotions, fullness, which happens only when the merger with nature. He wants to surprise and amaze visitors not only food, but also the environment, energy space.
Even if the master does the kitchen complex manipulations, this process is not the goal for him. The goal - to find the essence of the product, making a secret revealed, obscure - understandable. After all of the products do not have a special taste of the brightest, but they have other great qualities (flavor, texture). Aduriz believes he should be able to use various sophisticated culinary art of cooking to show their wonderful qualities. It should not attempt to replace the taste texture and make the guests to feel the texture of original products in conjunction with something new. Bad cook, using any technology will make your kitchen even worse than without them. A master of Andoni Luis Aduriz makes it just perfect.
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