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Announcement of the book "Copyright recipes Roman Trusov"

I think that every chef, having reached a certain level of culinary skill, willing to share their knowledge and experience with all those who need them. I came to this point gradually - blogged and worked "Delicious newspaper." Gradually such activities led me to new ideas and thinking, such as:
• An increase in the popularity of the cook profession;
• Raising food culture in our country;
• Restoration of regional cuisine and its further development.
Then began the painstaking work on his own book, in which I wanted to collect all of their copyrights recipes. Of course, all my achievements can be found on the official blog of the author, but in the book I have collected the best recipes and dismantled each of them in more detail. Each recipe is accompanied by not only a set of ingredients and technology, but according to the author. In particular, the book will be useful to those involved in professional cooking and wanted to raise their own level, because there I share the intricacies and peculiarities. In addition, anyone can buy a book as a gift.
Book Released - March 19, 2016, on my birthday. Anyone can download the book in electronic format absolutely free - it will be enough to visit the site of the International Alliance of Cook's (see "Books and Publications") or my author's blog ( "Files" section).
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