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Arabic cuisine and food culture

Bright emphasized tradition reception - any casual traveler receives part dear guest in the house of the owner, who just need to feed the delicious and satisfying, offering all that is in the house, and instead of waiting for a host of entertaining stories and long conversations.
The order of the meal in the kitchen of the Arab
Just before dinner, usually served chilled nuts and water, by the way, people who are not familiar with Arab culture are usually entertaining skill point to drink water from a jug, not touching his lips.
After that serves salads and snacks - are very abundant uses herbs, vegetables, legumes. Even the simplest meal is complete without a large number of snacks, so every meal is as ornate and festive. Arabic cuisine is characterized by the fact that in the preparation of any food uses a lot of spices such as onions, peppers, herbs and olives.
After such "training" can move on to the main course, most often braised or roasted meat with lots of vegetables, herbs and spices. When cooking meat is not widely applied fat - frying pan is heated to high temperature (250-300 degrees), allowing you to cook juicy meat, covered with crust. If we talk about the first dish, the Arabs give preference to dense meat soups with legumes and potatoes.
Products in the Arab kitchen
From meat in Arabic cuisine is often used goat, lamb and veal, poultry. The recipe Arabic cuisine often dominated by products such as vegetables, fruits, beans and rice. High popular dairy products, fish, eggs. It becomes clear that most of the products do not differ exotic and "trick" of Arabic cuisine is in the process of preparing and filing.
Arabic dishes
The favorite of the Arabs rightly be regarded as risotto - it is made from rice and lamb with the addition of a certain amount of raisins, almonds and figs. Also worth noting dishes such as:
Yahni - beef stew with plenty of Tabasco;
Ayesh - wheat tortillas for dairy products;
Maarak - lamb, which is quenched with lots of vegetables and peppers;
Huzi - festive dish - sheep, baked chicken, eggs and cereals in.
Arabic pita recipe
Any lunch, breakfast and dinner is complete without baked goods, and every culture has its own views on the matter. In Arab culture, gastronomy and more popularity has pita - a white cake made of wheat flour. In Jordan and Egypt, this cake is used not only as bread - because it makes a variety of snacks and used in the preparation of food weight. During cooking pits in a special furnace accumulates inside the steam through this edge easily separated from each other, and the cavity filled with stuffing.
Insisted Canonicity pita is baked in the oven and bake at home a magnificent product is not so simple. If the oven pita bread in the oven, the main thing - is to use yeast and high temperature.
Yeast (they can be replaced with dry yeast) - '25
Flour - 500 g. (It is advisable to use the flour, but if you decide to bake oat or rye pita, the volume of wheat flour shall not be less than 70% of the total tortilla muki- otherwise not be hollow inside.)
Salt - 1 tsp.
A small amount of water.
The process of preparing the Arab pita
Wet or dry yeast diluted in warm water.
The flour must be sifted through a sieve (if the meal, you should use a large sieve).
In half a glass of water diluted with salt.
Pour the flour mound, making a recess in the middle, pour diluted yeast. Then add water and salt, mixing dough, but it must be plastic, or Pete does not rise up and be flat. The dough should be kneaded until it is no longer keep up with the rest.
Next you need to pass the test within 40 minutes to pick up and it was magnificent.
We divide the dough into small pieces and gently rolled to a thickness of 3 mm. It is important that these cakes no openings.
The resulting cake spread in the oven, which is necessary before this very hot. After the cake "naduyutsya" and become bulky, they can be removed. If there is no oven, you can bake pita bread on a hot dry skillet. The restaurant uses hearth furnaces, which are gaining a higher temperature.
Now you can try a pita, or fill it with stuffing in the Arabic style.
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