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Audit of the restaurant

Search for new methods to increase profits-for this purpose, the restaurant is audited. It identifies strengths that already bring positive results, and disadvantages that negatively affect the profit of the institution. Found defects are corrected by the restaurateur to improve the quality of services provided and improve the financial result.
Analysis of factors during restaurant audit
Title. A “name” that is not memorable or missing impairs the perception of the services provided by the guests. Solution when identifying a problem: rebrand or name the institution. Ask for help from specialists (some provide free services for choosing a name) or test several options yourself.
Menu design. Place close-UPS and descriptions of the best dishes in the restaurant. A glass of water is not suitable for this, and a signature salad or steak is quite the opposite. The audit of the restaurant will reveal how the work of the photographer and layout designer (the one who makes out the font and inscriptions on the pictures) positively affects the perception of guests.
The layout of the dishes. Hot, cold, desserts-restaurant offers must be put together in the menu. The task of the restaurateur is to avoid mixing dishes from different cuisines, to make a grouping by specific names. The lack is corrected by the joint efforts of the Manager and the chef of the restaurant.
Competition and congestion. Some meat dishes should be served on the same plate, so that guests have no choice when ordering. Otherwise, treats from the same type of fish served separately create unnecessary competition. Solution: create an assortment of budget price categories.
More than 10 dishes of the same group, such as soups, lead to an overloaded menu. Result: each individual treat brings a minimum profit, if you analyze the revenue reports. Solution: reduction of the menu after testing by the restaurateur, monthly introduction of new offers with selection of the best options for guests.
Audit of the restaurant. ABC analysis (testing)
When a full audit of a restaurant is conducted and weaknesses are identified, an ABC marketing study is conducted to improve the results. Several indicators, such as the name of the restaurant, the layout of dishes, and the relevance of the assortment, change qualitatively and are evaluated by visitors. All solutions that have shown their effectiveness in terms of profit continue to be used on a regular basis.
Specific example:
1) Analysis by product group, if the menu serves dishes from different cuisines. The Asian assortment is completely excluded, and guests are offered European treats or Vice versa. Conducted with each available group, dishes with sales of less than 30 servings per month are completely excluded from the menu.
2) Quantitative analysis. The predominance of beer snacks or gourmet dishes (steaks, etc.) indicates the solvency of guests. Beer lovers who run just 40 minutes away will not order the best deals. So women with pronounced confectionery preferences will ignore men's hot dishes. After receiving this data, the restaurateur can adapt the menu structure to meet the customers ' paying capacity.
3) margin Analysis. It is carried out after testing and implementation of the best-performing innovations. The profit picture should be close to ideal.
Additional items may be included in the analysis and testing. The above-described required parameters, subject to an independent audit of the restaurant.
If you need an audit of a restaurant or cafe, I am happy to help you. More information is available here.
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