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Audit of the restaurant

Over 20 years of work in the restaurant business, I realized what is the key problem of business owners: restaurateurs do not see system errors, because they are not "above" business, but "in" business. From the eyes of slipping and not enough qualification of staff, and errors in the pricing policy of the menu, and theft of employees. 
Restaurateur begins to randomly change staff, enter the menu more and more new dishes, in despair introduces ruining discounts and promotions. 
Often the emotional connection with the native project does not allow the owner to distance himself and look at the restaurant through the eyes of the guest. What does it lead to? - empty room...and then a complete collapse!
An independent expert audit can be a lifesaver for your business. 
My system will allow you to evaluate Your business in more than 300 categories, identify critical points of business and, as a result, eliminate them. 
The audit system of restaurant consists of several stages:
1. Based on the "mystery guest". More than 200 parameters: from the call to the restaurant for the purpose of booking to farewell to the staff (ethics of telephone conversations, sales skills of staff, hall, serving, menu, quality of cuisine, bar, service, appearance of waiters, atmosphere, bathrooms, cleanliness, etc.). 
2. Acquaintance with the team. The testing personnel. Introduction of an effective scheme to reduce the cost of the payroll. A system of internal standards aimed at developing the team and improving the quality of the project as a whole.  5 effective programs of motivation and promotion of employees who work.
3. Check the condition of the kitchen. Check the TTC, QC. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the automation system. Innovative system for internal accounting. Analysis of the financial report. (PAYROLL, expenses ...) Accounting system of semi-finished products. 
4. Product matrix analysis. Recommendation for suppliers. The identification and elimination of the procurement system of "kickbacks". Commodity neighborhood check. Workflow optimization: hardware recommendations. Schemes of theft and fraud of personnel: prevention, liquidation. 
5. Training material for the hall: a system for the study of the menu and presentation to the guest. Recommendations for increasing the average check. 
6. Working with a chef. Optimization of working time. Recommendations for the formation of the menu in accordance with the analysis of sales statistics, the possibility of cuisine, the concept of the restaurant. 
7. The map the shopping category. Adjustment of the concept in accordance with the peculiarities of the location. Recommendations for attracting the target audience.
8. Audit documentation with a list of key issues and recommendations to address them. 
Implementation period: 1 month from the date of signing the contract.
Payment: 50t.R. in two stages.
Contacts: +79062256597
Phase one. It involves the study of the effectiveness of the current marketing strategy and advertising policy.  Competitive positioning: identifying competitors ' strengths and weaknesses.  Building an effective framework concept: the restaurant should work for you, not You for the restaurant. Recommendation of free and effective promotion tools. 
Second stage. Promotion training. Recommendations on the choice of development tools. 
What factors prevent a restaurant from being successful? 
How? Where? How to register a restaurant in search engines, geolocation systems, catalogs, services and ratings? How to build effective work: (Tripadviser, Zoon, Restoclub, Restoring, Traveltipz, Foursquare,,,
How to promote a restaurant on the forums on the topics selected in accordance with the promotion strategy (wedding forums, forums for tourists, tour guides, event agencies, parents, students, etc.).)
How to attract banquets?
How to increase profitability through interaction with event management agencies?
How to make money on tourists? How to build cooperation with guides and travel companies? 
Should I connect and how to cooperate with delivery services?
How to improve the effectiveness of promotion in social networks? 
How to get free publications from bloggers? Share useful contacts! 
How to optimize the site to sell 24/7?
How to photograph dishes in accordance with the latest restaurant trends? We recommend photographers. 
What should be the selling menu? Design, photo, text, structure. We recommend designers and printing houses. 
How to create a network of partners and build effective financial cooperation?
How to strengthen the internal and external advertising (design of Windows, halls, bar area)?
How effective is the loyalty program for your guests? We will offer options, tell you about the features of the connection!
How and why maintain a base of regular guests? How to make effective SMS and e-mail newsletters? 
How well-developed is the event component in Your restaurant? We will offer relevant and promising formats. We will share useful contacts in this area. 
What kind of advertising makes sense to invest, and what exactly does not work? We will tell you what nuances you need to consider when choosing.
Terms of implementation: 14 days from the date of signing the contract.
Payment: 20t.R. in two stages.
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