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Automation of cafes: the options of budget programs

The process of working a cafe or diner automate the simpler and less expensive than the restaurant business network. There are low cost software options.
What is included in the program of cafes Automation?
Normally, the program has the following components:
• Workplace goods manager
It can be carried out accounting and inventory of goods, be routings dishes, collect analytics and make reports.
• Workplace waiter (bartender, Administrator)
This includes the distribution of tables, orders and monitoring their implementation, invoicing and more.
Options cost automation software
Most famous and popular softwares are quite expensive.
• R-keeper - from 230,000 rubles
• IIKO (Aiko) - from 198,000 rubles
• RST Restorator - from 177,000 rubles
But there are low cost options to automate the cafe. They are not as powerful and thoughtful, but for small places it.
• Alternative automation system café - from 2000 rubles.
The program is designed specifically for the chef. Functionality allows you to keep track of stock, calculate the cost of meals, convenient application form for purchase. All information is stored in the cloud, to reach the program might even phone.
• Jowi - from 2500 rubles per month
The mobile app works online, all data is stored in the cloud. It has modules waiter, chef, manager, accountant. Convenient reports.
• BarMaster - from 5000 rubles per month
Used in conjunction with the module Café 8 and 1C: Accounting Enterprise 8.2. To reduce the cost to the system, you can add a laptop instead of a desktop computer. Plus the need for checks and the printer. How to work with the system at once is not easy to understand, require training.
• Simple dining room - from 6000 rubles per month
The configuration, which can be easily customized to your restaurant. Functionally useful: allows you to make the calculation, control storage and consumption of products, the implementation of food, orders, prepares reports.
• Easy Cafe - 6000 rubles per month
It is possible to keep records of warehouse, products, food, orders, customers, monitor the work of employees and suppliers. Flexible program, easy to configure.
• ShefMarket - from 20,000 rubles
One of the light in the understanding and management of programs. Warehouse, cash, bank, suppliers, orders, analytics - everything is there.
• Traktir - from 20,000 rubles
Traktir: Front-Office v3 allows you to see on the monitor visual seating plan. With this program, simply order the food, printing checks, make payments on the cards, to book a place. The system will monitor the work of the bartender, will review the activities of the institution. The program can run on a mobile device, functioning on the IOS and Android systems.
• 1C: Enterprise 8. Restaurant - from 24,000 rubles
This is not a simple configuration, it requires a lot of extras.
The network can be found an offer to purchase automation software the cafe for a very small price, but there is a risk of running into a scam. A good working configuration can not be free or cost 500 rubles. If you are unable or unwilling to buy a quality system, it is easier to buy a calculator and a notebook.
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