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Author's oil: slogan-so dreams are born and this...
The oil I created is not just a product: it is an extract of a bright, strong aroma and subtle notes that will decorate any dish, making it unique. I offer you the following combinations:
On the coriander. Sweet taste, spicy smell-the perfect combination with spicy poultry dishes.
On boletus. The freshness of the forest, light mushroom aroma-it will whet your appetite! Seasoning the steak with this oil or serving it with roast beef would be a great idea.  
The oil in the garlic will give the dish a sweet and reveal their tastes.
Refueling: for happiness, you need love and this... Refill
Do you want to give food a refined and noble taste? I present you a series of original balsamic dressings that will literally transform any dish:
Fragrant smoked balsamic, for which I took carefully fermented wort from ripe blackcurrant berries, then evaporated it and added honey, revealing the most subtle shades of taste. In one bottle with balsamic oil is based on hot chili pepper, which will give the treat an attractive and spicy flavor.
Balsamic vinegar, which was used to evaporate cinnamon, combined with mint – based oil is a truly original seasoning for salads, meat and poultry dishes.
An unusual dressing with three ingredients-sweet blackcurrant vinegar, spicy coriander oil and viburnum syrup that sets them off.
Smoked blackcurrant balsamic combined with oil based on mint leaves is a reference combination of sweet notes and frosty freshness.
Balsamic currant berries with the addition of spicy cinnamon, combined with oil infused with chili pepper-sharpness and sweetness in one bottle.
Vinegar: Add a zest to the taste...
Ideal for those who want to maximize the taste of their dishes. To prepare this vinegar, I used ripe blackcurrant berries, the fermentation process of which took place in a 30-liter barrel. Add this component, and a kaleidoscope of new facets of flavor and taste will hit you in the heart!
Syrup: it's pointless to Resist, try it... Syrup
A real find for those who understand the value of natural gifts and appreciate not only the taste, but also the useful properties of berries. The syrup is created from viburnum berries without boiling and heating, it preserves absolutely all macro-and microelements, including those that help reduce pressure. The sweet taste and light aroma will give the treat a special relish.
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