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Eggplant with tomatoes

Use and origin
In addition to its great taste and smell, in tomato and eggplant to have many beneficial vitamins and minerals, they are good for the digestion. It is believed that regular consumption of tomato is able to resist the emergence of cancer. Tomatoes reduce cholesterol blood are low in calories and are a dietary product. Eat eggplant with tomatoes is recommended for people with cardiovascular disorders, as well as to reduce weight.
But in the XIX century, eggplant almost unknown in Europe and Russia, it is considered the birthplace of India. There is a vegetable grown more than one and a half thousand years. As eggplant, and tomato are a family of "Solanaceae". Tomato, by the way, came to Europe before, in the middle of the XVI century, but has long been considered poisonous. The plant is grown Aztecs in South America, and in Europe it was brought Spaniards.
Today, the markets and in the supermarkets you can find many varieties of eggplant with tomatoes, which differ not only in color and shape, but also to taste. Traditionally in this country are most in demand usually dark blue eggplants of medium size, they are called "little blue". Grades "egg white" and "Golden Egg" are characterized by the same taste, but is surprised by many of its white and yellow colors.
Among tomatoes are three basic types, although many more varieties - Peruvian tomato, tomato and tomato ordinary currant. There are different varieties of ripening, color - yellow, white, black. Still, for cooking often prefer red and pink tomatoes. For the preservation of suitable varieties of tomatoes in the form of cream and cherry. Round meaty tomatoes often used for cooking various dishes, squeezing juice.
What to cook eggplant with tomatoes
1. aubergine
Traditionally, summer, every family prepares eggplant caviar. To do this, in equal quantities to buy eggplant with tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. All this must be cleaned, cut into small cubes and simmer in a pan with hot sunflower oil. To taste add finely chopped onion and crushed garlic, salt. Sometimes, to give beautiful flowers in late eggs mixed with a tablespoon of tomato paste. Eggplant caviar may be preserved for the winter.
2. Salad of eggplant with tomatoes
Eggplant (1 kg), peeled and cut into small cubes, about as French fries. In boiling water (3 liters), add a tablespoon of salt, black pepper and bay leaf, then dipped sliced ​​eggplant. They have to boil for 15-20 minutes, readiness can be determined by color. Eggplant digested, yet lost their bitterness. Then add eggplants 100 grams of vegetable oil and 50 grams of vinegar, crushed garlic, and stirring, keep on heat for 1-2 minutes. These eggplants can be stored up to 5-7 days in the refrigerator and add a salad of tomato. Or do they in such a roll for the winter, pre-sterilizing jars and lids. You can conserve eggplant with tomatoes, boil all together.
Eggplant with tomatoes in the kitchens of the world
The most famous soup of tomatoes considered "Gazpacho", it is served in many restaurants European cuisine around the world. In a traditional Spanish recipe has ingredients such as olive oil, salt, and a basic tomato.
Eggplant in Georgia is prepared dish called pkhali, and in Israel and America, milled roasted vegetables in a blender along with spices, herbs and spread on bread.
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