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Bars on Petrogradka: a review and comparison of the best establishments

True to the selection of places - the key to a wonderful evening, and no matter what it is - dinner alone, a romantic date or a meeting with friends. In this collection we discussed some of the best bars on Petrogradka - with all their pluses and enchanting unpleasant ins and outs, so you definitely do not have to be disappointed.
The name of the restaurant-bar on Petrogradka very symbolic, especially for St. Petersburg. This site is offered under the warm rays of unobtrusive but friendly service and enjoy excellent food with affordable prices and unusual actions.
Bar Petrogradka «Solnce» tirelessly extol guests in their reviews, however, the complaint can be found - particularly avid users are not satisfied with the pricing policy, someone disappoints poor quality of service. The latter, by the way, happens from time to time, and the majority of those who visited the «Solnce» bar on Petrogradka do not have any complaints.
Another bar that very soon will be open for Petrogradka in St. Petersburg - Refuge. For details about this mysterious place is hidden behind a veil of mystery - is rumored to only a select few will be able to take its place in the Sanctuary. One thing is clear - in the spring of 2016 there will not only escape from the impending apocalypse, but forgetting about the worries, enjoy the warmth of the situation, insanely delicious author's dishes and excellent beer.
I Believe
Small, cozy bar in the Petrogradka with a pleasant atmosphere, hand-made interior, immodest beer card and sports broadcasts. This bar of St. Petersburg can boast a large number of positive reviews, however, and cons enough - for example, visitors are sometimes criticized the level of service, estimating it one star out of ten. And if in the same «Solnce» the maximum that you can disappoint - it is too long wait for a waiter here, according to visitors, sometimes you can run on the underlined cold and overt rudeness.
Happiness - is a bar-restaurant on Petrogradka, feature of which is the author's confectionery. Attractive restaurant with spectacular interior and delicious, hearty treats. Happiness Bar in St. Petersburg - the perfect place for those who wish to escape from the city bustle, relax and get away really happy. Although sometimes visitors in their comments did not share the best experiences of your armor.
 In that case, if you have not decided which bar Petrogradka visit today, then be sure to check where to drink beer in St. Petersburg - there you may find the best option for themselves. Sharing his impressions of these institutions in the comments to the blog.
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