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Fight for a better price. Golden Rules chef from Roman Trusov

"Kopeika penny gained" - this simple commandment must adhere not only diligent housewives and chefs, who advocate for their cause. The sixth rule, the execution of which I highly recommend, is as follows:
Always bargain with suppliers and knocks the best price.
Here are some reasons that justify such an approach:
1. Who is the high cost is not a guarantee of quality, so look for suppliers of products with a more attractive price list for business quite reasonable;
2. Normal wrapping suppliers an average of 15%, so if you offer to throw off the price by 10%, it is likely that the attempt would be successful;
3. To reduce the cost of products, even by a small amount, you do menu order profitability. It will emphasize your value in the eyes of the investor and leave more room for maneuver in competition and the struggle for the loyalty of the guests.
Of course, in the course of trade, you can be faced with several difficulties and pitfalls, so I warn you about them in advance:
• Always make sure the level of prices from all suppliers. Cases when the first price you are completely satisfied, and then gradually begin to rise unreasonably. Personally, I have encountered situations where suppliers offer lower prices purchasing. The goal was simple - to "climb" to the point, and then catch up the increase in value;
• If a supplier refuses to reduce the price, despite the fact that you are ordering large quantities, you should give him time to think. Find another vendor for a week or two, and use its services, even if it is expensive. Practice shows that most suppliers do not want to lose a client and compromise;
• respect the confidentiality of the information and are accustomed to this all the other employees. Do not show matrix suppliers and prices - suppliers of all this should not be available, or will be traded much more difficult;
Remember that the supplier is most interested in cooperation, so do not vedis indifference on the part of managers. Contact with the leadership, but if in case you come across in the indifference - can easily look for a new supplier.
Also I recommend to go to the farmers or a small private production. As everyone knows, the large factory automation swallowed - meat, eggs, dairy products impregnated with stabilizers and antibiotics, and vegetables and fruits are oversaturated with nitrates. Accordingly, the taste of the product and its utility is questionable. Here you will find the best quality and a greater level of commitment and responsibility.
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