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Brett Graham and modern culinary arts

"I'm constantly in the process.
It is helping me to develop a restaurant
and improve their skills "
Brett Graham
In the best London restaurant «The Ledbury» kitchen subordinated fantasy talented Australian Brett Graham.
The restaurant, which does not allow advertisements
«The Ledbury» - an institution that does not require advertising. Absolutely. Because this is really the best restaurant in town. It has a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The institution is always full of guests, reserve a table is easy. But if all of a sudden it turned out that with them will have to take a substantial amount of money. Yes, «Ledbury» is very expensive! But, believe me, it's worth it!
The reasons for the incredible popularity of some places.
• The chef Brett Graham and his amazing kitchen (it is included in the "Young culinary geniuses" list)
• Luxury interior and appearance of food
• Stylish and beautiful serving of dishes
• Only English products from family farms in England
• Visiting Graham were the world famous chefs Alain Ducasse, Ferren Adrià, René Redzepi and his kitchen admired them!
Incidentally, the name of the restaurant (Ledbury) is borrowed from one of the small towns of England.
Fifteen chef
As a child he wanted to become a veterinarian. But the dream did not come true. Being fifteen young men, Brett went to work in a fish restaurant. It was in Newcastle (Australia). Here he worked for several years.
The next place of transformation ambitious guy in the famous Sydney chef began. Brett honed his culinary skills at the restaurant «Banc» and studied to create masterpieces Liam Tomlin. It worked perfectly, for which he received an award Josephine Pignola.
Recognition of his achievements was the impetus for the trip to the UK Gramm. He was in a good restaurant called «The Square». The establishment of rules Chef Philip Howard, whose assistant for several years and worked for Graham. As assistant Howard, he received several awards.
In 25 years, Brett Graham opened his own restaurant in the center of London and was awarded the title of "Young Chef of the Year" and «The Ledbury» received two stars from the long-awaited Micheline guide.
Dishes Graham as contemporary art
Some critics called it and the kitchen Brett Graham - "contemporary art no less." His French cuisine, modern and really high. It is not only the precious truffles and foie gras, but also honey, fennel and roasted turnips. The restaurant's menu changes depending on what the coming season.
How can you treat chef Graham?
• Partridge with porcini mushrooms, prunes stewed in peanut milk tea and Lapsang Souchong
• Lamb tenderloin and neck, cooked with artichokes and sunflower seeds and flavored with rosemary and garlic (one of the best specialties!)
• Mackerel, cooked on the grill, served with smoked eel and seasoned with mustard Celtic
Stylish Chef - Modern kitchen
Creating your stylish and luxurious meals, Graham is very natural to use modern equipment and innovative technologies. Emulsification, foaming, puering - method of treatment products that are loved by Brett Graham. It is the combination of technology and good taste chief give his dishes a delicious taste and a stunning appearance.
As for the talented Australian thing in your work? the highest quality products, elegant equipment, cleanliness in the kitchen, well-trained staff and the right attitude. Important and teamwork, where each clearly knows how and what he must do. Graham believes that the boss should not get hung up in the kitchen the whole process only on himself. A good chef must be able to work in a team, and then the results will be great.
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