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Be punctual. Golden Rules chef from Roman Trusov

This day should be a very important and productive - you will be meeting, which promises better deal. You have come a few minutes early to force a person to wait, but your potential interviewee has not yet appeared. "Okay, we agreed to meet for five, a quarter of an hour ahead, wait" - you think.
Fifteen minutes pass quickly reading the news, and you will once again looked at his watch. "Hmm. Strange. Probably, cork or something happened. " Check the mail and smartphone - suddenly I decided to tell people that linger, but it's empty. It takes another 15 minutes, and you decide to wait no longer make sense. Time lost, the mood is spoiled.
Further events may develop in several scenarios:
1. The man you waited for contact with you and explain the situation - possibly the circumstances do not allow to come or to warn;
2. If he is very interested in the meeting, then by all means try to convince you to give a second chance;
3. He will simply ignore what happened and did not even try to explain.
Whatever the outcome, the result is one - man failed you. I am confident that your opinion of him would change forever. That's why I advise you to remember the following rule:
Punctuality - is respect. Never be late for meetings.
Do not be the bad guy, who does not respect other people's time.
• If the circumstances are against you - be so kind as Mark minute on what to report about the possible delay;
• If forced to wait for you, I advise you not to spend more than 15 minutes. The next time people will do anything to not be late;
• does not tolerate tardiness on the part of its employees: give to understand that perceive it as disrespect to the person.
As for the chief and delays, that in this respect my opinion as follows: it is not the employee who can afford the luxury of a standardized schedule. If the institution of a system is debugged to automatism, the boss may be employed occasionally, several times a week. But if case of need, the chef will bezvylazno present in the kitchen as long as necessary - all in order not to throw the team in a difficult moment.
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