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Be strongly against low-quality product

Substandard products have no place in the kitchen - this axiom can not be refuted by any arguments and arguments. This obvious fact you had to understand from the first day of work in this area. However, I have repeatedly encountered a situation where a bad product still crook leaked on cutting board chefs, and then in the guest plate. Drinking this often very lenient, with the hope of eternal Russian maybe, and that will carry.
And now let's talk about how to be and how to make low-quality product is not never appeared in your kitchen. To do this, you have to remember the following rule:
Do not hesitate to send back low-quality products and to punish those who bring them.
We go through all the points and draw up such utter User active:
1. I can not even call it a requirement, I am deeply convinced that the current debt cook - cook meals with the freshest, high-quality products. Do not even discussed.
2. Your task - to prevent the use of stale or spoiled food. As a general rule, a product that is not satisfied with the quality, returned to the supplier, is not paid and is deleted from the bill of lading. Do not forget to request a replacement product as soon as possible on the quality. In case of failure to make a break in the relationship with the supplier, or to attend to the search of the new. And yes, do not even think to hesitate to go back illiquid provider or lower case on the brakes! Ashamed be when the restaurant begins to suffer losses and lose customers due to such cases, and the investor will begin to doubt in your values.
3. If someone still took a bad product - always figure it out exactly who and punish the guilty. A single fine the offender make the next time to analyze and think.
Supplier, who "pleased" you low quality products, brings one and all - the chef, staff, and indeed the entire restaurant. Consequently, the situation was the only one of its kind - it is important to work on the perpetrator of this incident - for example, require compensate for the loss, as well as temporarily or even permanently stop the purchase of products. I guarantee that after such prevention on your kitchen will get only the choicest products.
In that case, if you are fully confident in the reliability of your supplier, then I recommend to appreciate it. By the way, this is worthy of the responsibility, even overpaid for the purchased product - but you'll be firmly convinced that the most uncomfortable moment is not going to happen like that misunderstanding.
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