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Be just, if you want respect. Golden Rules chef from Roman Trusov

The theme of respect - volume, complex and extremely delicate. I'm not going to dive into the empty rhetoric and try to explain its position on the fourth rule:
Be fair to your team, do not let the offense, the only way to gain respect.
In my opinion, any chef would have put at the forefront comfort and tranquility of their team. All the people who work with you - the cook and washers - are waiting on your part to protect, defend their rights and fair treatment. If they do not get, then you will have to discover at one point that people do not even try to take responsibility for the work and support you.
So what you will be no justice, and respect?
1. Weeds, a lot of stocks. Employees who do not feel appropriate attitude from his boss, not very something given to work. Think about it, why should they, if they do not respect you?
2. Lack of solidarity and community among the staff. No, solidarity, of course, is - in case the boss well, absolutely reptile - hate brings people together. But teamwork can not wait;
3. Without team work hard to achieve an appropriate outcome - and hence is a marriage that could well reach the guest. What do you think, who will then ask questions if you do not?
There are far more unfortunate scenarios - for example, the loss of customers. Here, of course, an important role can play and other times - for example, the inexperience, carelessness or human error, but if the team members respect you, they will try by all means to prevent such.
What is justice on the part of the boss and how to respect?
• achieves a fair wage for their employees. The amount of remuneration shall correspond to the value of the employee and to rise if the qualifications and experience of the slave rising;
• Do not let someone else manage your team and humiliate workers, to defend the interests of everyone who is in your submission;
• Do not let anyone to fine the members of your team, it's a privilege chief - punish or reward. Everyone should understand who is boss;
• Do not allow unreasonable punishment and abuse, if you do not wish to pass unfair bastard. Fines and strong language in the address of the employee should only be the case;
• Think about how you can motivate the team and to make conditions more comfortable - let everyone goes to work, on holiday.
Do not underestimate the importance of this aspect as respect. One is a warrior, and no matter how good chef you are, without mutual respect in the team did not do anything. Prices of each of them, and they just will appreciate you.
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