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Prunus: properties and recipes

Prunus - a plant family Rosaceae. Large shrub or tree. wild cherry, sweet berries, but knitting - this is why a lot of raw fruit difficult to eat at one time. Cheryomukha dried or ground into a powder and used as a condiment.
Beneficial features
Prunus consists of tannins, and mineral acids the body: malic, citric and ascorbic. Vitamins and Minerals: E, P, C, A, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc. Prunus normalizes processes of the digestive tract, improves bowel function and condition of the stomach wall. Positive effect on the immune system. It helps stabilize the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Berries are well purify the blood, strengthen blood vessels and reduce inflammation. Prunus is a diuretic, antipyretic and bactericidal properties.
Where and when to collect bird cherry?
You can not go past a blossoming bird cherry - the air around the tree as if imbued with a fragrant aroma. But do not tear bouquets and carry them home: during the flowering plant emits volatile, which adversely affect health. bird cherry berries ripen in late July. It grows on the outskirts of the forest and on the banks of rivers.
To dry the fruit, you must sprinkle the fruit with a thin layer on a tray and place in a sunny place. It is also possible to dry in a ventilated area. Drying time - several days. Another option board - in a small oven at a temperature (40 to 55 degrees). If you choose this method - from time to time, mix the fruits and do not leave them unattended. After a few hours, increase the temperature and keep berries in the oven until cooked.
Recipes of bird cherry
Dried bird cherry berries can be ground and used as a seasoning for fish, meat and even baked dishes. Make it easy: put down the fruit in a mortar, and then - in a coffee grinder to grind the berries on the smallest particles.
Another recipe - Vitamin compote of fresh ripe berries. Ingredients: wild cherry kilo and a half cups of sugar and 1.2 liters of water. Wash the fruit, scald them with boiling water. In an enamel saucepan pour water, bring it to a boil, sprinkle in the sugar and to boil until it is completely dissolved. Then fill with syrup and berries. Leave for an hour let infusions of berries. After that, place the fruit in cans, syrup and bring to a boil again. Now you can pour syrup and berries. Tasty and useful fruit compote is ready.
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