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Thursday Sol

Thursday Sol
I was interested in such a product as Thursday salt - is it really so useful and has magical properties? Wikipedia simply calls it a product used in Orthodox culture. 
In the old days the ceremony was held on "clean" Thursday (this year it is April 5) before Easter. It was believed that salt protects from evil spirits, and can protect against diseases, bring happiness and wealth to the house. This salt was used to salt foods consumed during Easter, especially eggs. 
Vintage recipes for chetvergova salt
The most common recipe is-large crystals with softened bread crumb tied in a small bag and baked in the oven. Salt in the process of heat treatment crumbled into smaller crystals, and the crumb of bread became ash. All this was mixed, and the black salt was obtained. 
Today, salt crystals are often baked with healthy and fragrant herbs. Salt should be used only coarse, without iodine and other additives. 
Why Thursday salt is black and how to cook it
Thursday salt is also called black, because it has such a color after the flame treatment process. As they say in old recipes, salt must undergo heat treatment in a hot oven, and, on an open fire. Salt becomes black due to the combustion of various impurities in it, which simply turn into ashes. In modern conditions, salt can be cooked in a cast iron pan or in a hot oven, even on the grill, but it must be an open flame (the element of fire). 
The nuances of cooking Thursday salt
* Salt is prepared on the "Clean" Thursday before Easter, but it is not necessary. Thursday salt can be prepared on any Thursday, the main thing is to believe in its miraculous properties. 
* Salt should be consecrated in the Temple, and during the preparation to read prayers.
* It is recommended to cook salt during sunrise, but not in the evening or at night.
* If you want to get rid of something (diseases, evil forces) - salt is stirred counterclockwise and even dissected with a knife, in the days of the waning moon;
* If you need something to increase (health, love, wealth, luck)-salt is stirred clockwise in the days of the growing moon. 
What do the priests say about Thursday's salt
Much went from life-salt has always been considered a good cleanser, preservative. Priests say that Thursday's salt combines Church and household images and traditions. In ancient times, there was no salt of any grinding, it was sold in pieces, and the easiest way to grind it is to heat it in an oven. In the gospel, as well as in the old Testament, there is an image of salt as a symbol of purity. Priests say that it is better to fight against evil forces not with bags of salt, but with prayer and fasting.  
My opinion
My opinion is more inclined to the fact that salt can have "magical" properties, but only as much as the person believes in it. Traditions and rituals are ancient, and they are native Russian, people believed in it and got the result. This custom was widespread in Russia, among Orthodox Christians. 
One of the main questions that interested me – whether Thursday salt can be useful when used in food, if you do not take into account its possible magical effects? 
The black salt has a reduced amount of ferrous metals and sodium chloride, which makes it more useful and safe. Useful, and even therapeutic properties of black salt will need to be studied more thoroughly, as well as the question – whether it can cause harm.
What do you think about Thursday's (black) salt? Have you ever prepared such an unusual product, for what purpose?
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