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What gastrobar or Gastropub

The emergence of such a thing as gastrobar in Russia - surprising and unusual for a simple layman. It would seem that quite recently we have put before a choice - a bar or restaurant is a classic, but closer to the mid-2000s between them suddenly wormed his way into quite a new phenomenon, a kind of symbiosis called gastrobar, combines the unique atmosphere of the bar and an amazing restaurant. It was natural to expect that with the advent of gastrobarov changed the perception of and attitude to such kind of rest.
Origin gastrobarov
From the above you can make one simple conclusion: gastrobar - a tandem of alcohol, refreshments and nepafosnoy interesting, but at the same time quite deep atmosphere.
If we talk about the history of the origin of gastrobarov, the legal predecessors such establishments may be called ordinary bars, popular is not one hundred years. Traditionally, public house was a gathering place for men after productive work, to decent finish another day: enjoy a good drink, share the latest news with friends and just have a good time in good company. Snacks in a similar situation had secondary importance, so the treats are simple and uncomplicated.
Things began to change in the early 90-ies of the last century - the owner of one of the British bar decided on a bold step and tried to entice potential visitors an exquisite variety of dishes. A simple but brilliant idea has allocated a bar from the competition, and success was not long in coming. It turned out very hard workers do not mind not only fun and a drink after work, but also enjoy high-quality, tasty food.
Naturally, the idea was picked up very quickly, and gastrobary spread across the UK, and then became popular in almost all countries of the world, including in Russia and the CIS.
Gastrobary in Russia: features
Expressive domestic gastrobarov emphasizes absolutely home, "lamp" ambience. No carved furniture, crystal and marble - on the contrary, it will be very concise and conceptually. The style usually tends to practicality, but in general it can be restrained and retro, and underlined minimalism and Nouveau dizzy.
But gastrobarov menu will be a restaurant, and do not be confused by simplicity in design. The focus is, of course, will be paid to the bar: restaurant simply does not take place without a rich assortment of spirits and cocktails.
Thus, gastrobar - the place is very versatile, where you can have a great time, enjoy a drink and a great meal.
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