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Give the opportunity to stand on the cooks wash

I firmly believe that teamwork, understanding and total consistency in the kitchen is based on the awareness of each of the workers, on the understanding of how much work is put into this or that process. Awareness usually comes with experience and the ability to look at the situation from different sides of the barricades - that is why one of my proven methods in the organization of work in the kitchen was the following rule:
Give the opportunity to chefs stand at the sink at least one day, so they will appreciate the work of the kitchen worker.
Cooks who do not understand the value of labor Dishwasher - not such a rarity. And this sin as young, hot newcomers who think they already know everything and cook with quite an impressive experience. But it is worth it at least once taste the charm works Dishwasher, experience the hard way all the roughness of this uncomplicated process - and their position may change dramatically.
So, you put the chefs in the sink - it will give you in the end?
First of all, you do each of the universal workers, excluding the indispensability and following from this force majeure situation. This applies not only to sink - give each employee the opportunity to stand on the other positions at least a few days and in which case any member of your team will be able to substitute another. But, of course, I always offer a choice and do not force anyone - just motivate wage. He stood at the sink month - receive a higher fee for an hour, because you became for me a valuable employee, and I can count on you in difficult times.
Also it is necessary to understand that washing dishes and cleaning of premises - a thankless job, hard and low-paid, so the position is very precarious. To be honest, binges, illness and other troubles with the workers of this category - are not uncommon. Imagine fatal consequences - washer did not come to replace, and all team members wrinkle their noses and do not want to get up in the sink - but the work just will rise, and this, believe me, will be consequences for the reputation of the restaurant.
And another reason why I practice similar scenarios - it teaches staff to appreciate someone else's hard work. Some did not even hesitate, can send the car wash the pan in which you can still fry, or shamelessly spoil everything, but it's worth it to be in the role of washer cleaner or at least a few changes - and they are already beginning to make sense of his every action.
Thus, you can kill several birds with one stroke, and at the same time not to be considered a tyrant-chief, leaving space for each choice.
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