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Let suppliers time to think

Anyone who aspires to become a good chef must understand one simple truth - all your efforts made in this direction, fade, if you offer low-quality product to the client. No ironed form or cohesive team, no big name is not able to compensate for the fact that the treats in your establishment are made from what horrible. Even a single case is able to completely discourage the client wish to visit a particular restaurant, and you and I have discussed how difficult to get out and smooth appearance. It is for this reason that to my list of rules includes the following, all the more that its compliance can bring many times more than just high-quality ingredients:
Periodically give suppliers time for reflection, ordering products from others. So prices will be lower, and the product - qualitative.
In pursuit of customer or win the tender suppliers often go to extreme measures, promising low prices (sometimes even lower than the purchase), and the highest quality of service and product delivered. But, as you know, there are no miracles, and gradually provider, realizing that the contract has been signed, it starts trying to make up for all the concessions proposed in the beginning of your relationship. To justify the price increase, he invents a thousand reasons not exist: everything is going against the poor and the unfortunate supplier - and the oscillation rate, and seasonality, and even Masonic conspiracies. You may not even notice that something was a couple of rubles more expensive, but the longer you do not attach any importance to this, the bolder will behave provider.
It is important to understand that even a slight rise in prices - this is a blow to the profitability and, consequently, for the chief value. It is for this reason you should not be ashamed to follow the prices and ask uncomfortable questions to suppliers, because your silence will mute consent to the situation.
The second aspect - the various unpleasant situations that could adversely affect the business and your reputation. This can be attributed, and brought goods which proved to be of poor quality, and does the lack of some items that were ordered earlier. This inevitably affects the image of institution - food stand in the stop or are of inadequate quality and taste, and all claims will eventually have to listen to the boss. It is for this reason should not be given to the supplier to relax - just try a couple of times to show the cold in these relations by ordering products from another vendor, and you will see how he fussed and how to increase the quality later.
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