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Hold pure form. Golden Rules chef from Roman Trusov

I think it would be naive to believe that we are all human adults, and this time, the purity of the working form, do not have to explain. Yes, it sounds crazy and weird, but for his long work experience, I had to see a lot of chefs, cooks and other kitchen workers, who do not wash their shape for weeks. Moreover, some believe these stains from fat, sauce and food waste almost a kind of "martial marks", which should be worn with pride, and in no hurry to send izvazyukannoe garment in the wash.
For this reason, you should remember the second rule:
Clean, ironed shape, neat appearance say about your attitude to work. Do not be a pig, if you want to be respected.
I'll be honest - I can not take a professional person, if his outfit makes me just retching and feeling of contempt. You can come up with hundreds of excuses - from the lack of time to operational moments, but my opinion on this is unlikely to change - in my eyes the staff member will always be messy, dirty, crumpled slut. In this form, you can go to feed the pigs, cows and other inhabitants of the Shed, but in the restaurant, be so kind as to come neat and ironed. Otherwise my unflattering and educational measures (eg, fines savory) in your address to be quite fair.
So why do I think that the form should be clean?
1. A person in a clean, neat clothes simply has to itself (not for nothing that there is a wise saying that "Meet on clothes ...");
2. The most obvious reason - the cook would have to come to work in a pure form, showing respect for employees and visitors;
3. Clean the chief form demonstrates the level of the institution and the fact that he is willing to adhere to the principle of "Purity in everything";
4. Sometimes you have to go to the gym to the guests - in this case, to avoid possible confusion, my boss should be a spare set of forms;
5. Restaurant with an open kitchen does not allow dirt to form - you have to be like a magazine cover.
I think all of this is so clear without words: it is enough just to imagine a situation in which two people come up to you, one of which is dressed to the nines, and the second - in a ragged, dirty clothes, fragrant mud. Of course, you can say that inner peace is important, but without a good costume conversation can simply not take place - so make your conclusions.
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