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A diet without meat menus, reviews, recommendations

The fact is that to lose weight to give up meat is almost meaningless - there is nothing wrong with the correctly cooked meat. You can safely use a figure of boiled, baked meat or lean meat on the grill. In addition, the refusal of meat creates a shortage of protein in the body, and have to eat a lot of beans, dairy and other protein products.
A diet without meat: tips
What to do, you should not:
1. Sit on one side dish. Side dishes without meat - absolutely unbalanced diet and lead to a deficiency of the protein.
2. Adhere to the long-term fruit and vegetable diet. Such a strict diet of more than 7 days leads to overeating and stretching of the stomach - and therefore after the end of a long diet on fruits and vegetables is difficult to return to a normal diet and not gain weight.
3. Select the buckwheat diet, but do not comply with strict rules on the duration and diet.
4. Choose a diet without meat, with chronic diseases, and without consulting with your doctor.
A diet without meat: menu
Slimming without meat, I recommend starting with a short - for example, one week to stick to this diet, then make a 2-3 week break. You can gradually increase the duration, however, be guided by your inner feelings.
A strict vegetarian diet
Breakfast options:
• Porridge water, fruit salad, black tea, fresh fruit;
• Oatmeal with walnuts and bananas, cocoa, fruit;
• Semolina water with berries, fruit or vegetable juice, black organic coffee;
• Vegetable pancakes, biscuits, green tea.
Dining options:
• 150 g of buckwheat, a salad of peppers, onions and tomatoes with olive oil, bread;
• Vegetable soup, salad of cabbage and carrots, vegetable juice;
• Vegetable stew, fritters of zucchini or carrots, rye bread;
• Mushroom soup, beet salad with walnuts, fruit smoothies.
Options for dinner:
• Braised cabbage, carrot salad with olive oil;
• Boiled vegetables, beet salad, fruit;
• Cooked beans, vegetable salad;
• tofu or mushrooms with vegetables, salad, juice.
• Acidic fruits;
• Vegetables;
• Nuts - 30-40 m;
• Berries - 50-70 m;
Not a strict vegetarian diet
Menu is similar to the previous one, but you can add eggs (omelets with vegetables, fried eggs, boiled eggs), cheese, yogurt, kefir, milk. Such a diet is more suitable for people who exercise every day and generally lead an active lifestyle.
Pros and cons of diet without meat
As with any diet, have a diet without meat has its advantages and disadvantages. So the positive side:
1. unloading of the digestive system;
2. Effective weight loss;
3. Conclusion of toxins in the short-term use.
Not without its negative aspects:
1. Too rigid diet, the habit may be failures;
2. A lot of contraindications;
3. Only suitable for people with a significant overweight;
4. There may be swelling in the first few days of transition.
And, again, to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is better to choose a diet without meat to see a doctor for advice and listen to your own feelings during the actual weight loss. I think that any diet should be based on a preliminary study, delivery of analyzes and consultations with experts in the field.
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