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Diet for weight loss: a flat stomach in a week

Diet slimming abdomen can be a real salvation before the release of the system or the means to maintain the figure in good condition. Sometimes we need to buy smart appearance in a short time - for example, before an important event. If the time left is very little, then I recommend you the following diet for a week and a brief set of rules - to apply all of these recommendations should not occasionally, but regularly.
Tips for losing weight and diet for a flat stomach
• Power - fractional. Perhaps this is the rule I would say gold. Try to eat less, but more frequently, ideally distributing meals 5-7 steps per day (200-250 gr. Per reception).
• Refrain from tobacco and alcohol. If you misuse these habits, you can forget about a beautiful figure - nicotine and alcohol disrupt metabolism.
• More water. In no case do not let dehydration: recommended to drink at least 2 liters of clean, still water a day. It will also improve the metabolism and cleanse the body.
• Kashi for breakfast. It is best to cook porridge from cereals soaked overnight. Breakfast cereals in the diet for a flat stomach normalize digestion and promote weight loss.
• Most fruits and vegetables. A couple of servings of fresh and healthy foods will not only create a feeling of fullness, but also provide the body with essential vitamins, amino acids, and most importantly to break down fats.
• Do not forget the protein of animal origin. Even during the diet your body needs protein products, so turn to the diet of lean meat (poultry or beef), eggs and dairy products.
What to avoid in the diet for a flat stomach
• Sweets: say "no" to sweets, cakes and soda;
• Alcoholic beverages;
• Heavy, fatty foods;
• sweeteners;
• Flour, baking.
Menu diet for a flat stomach in a week
In order to come to effect immediately, you can use this diet. I do not recommend to stick to it more than 5-7 days - the consequences of such power in the long run may be frustrating impact on the body.
Breakfast options:
1. Low-fat cottage cheese (150-200 g), fruits (such as green apple, pear);
2. Oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts;
3. Egg (otverennoe), fruit and a slice of rye bread;
4. Fruit salad with low-fat natural yogurt without sweeteners;
5. Natural yogurt or fermented baked milk, and fruit.
Snacking options:
1. Banana;
2. Berries;
3. Apples;
4. muesli with yogurt;
5. Nuts.
Dining options:
1. Grilled chicken fillet, fresh vegetables, olive oil;
2. fish or fillets and steamed vegetables;
3. Pumpkin, lentil, mushroom soup and boiled egg;
4. Vegetable soup and cheese;
5. 3 cheesecakes and yogurt.
Options for dinner:
1 chicken breast (150-200 g) and boiled beans;
2. The egg, beans and tomato;
3. Baked fish with peppers and beans;
4. Vegetable salad and baked with a small amount of vegetable oil potatoes;
5. Boiled cauliflower and boiled chicken.
It is also recommended to distribute food intake and do not load up the feelings of complete saturation. The last tip is combined with a slow meal - if you stick to diet for a flat stomach in a week, there are unacceptable meals on the run, eating fast food. Each meal supplement drink - pure mineral water, fruit and vegetable juices with no sugar, green tea, occasionally - natural black coffee.
You can not rely only on a diet - the best effect will be, if you create a corresponding strain on the abdominal muscles - twisting the trunk ups, jogging and so on. You can install a special application on the smartphone and set the goal - in this case, you will not forget about exercise.
Adhering to all of these rules and diet for a week for a flat stomach, you will be able to solve the problem within a few days
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