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How to choose the company for the delivery of food

The range of dishes and kitchen
First of all, each customer selects food to your preference. Dish may refer to certain national cuisine. Everyone knows that in a pizzeria bought pizza and sushi at a sushi restaurant, the dessert Panna cotta can be found in any restaurant of European cuisine, which delivers.
The cost of meals
When choosing also pay attention to the cost of meals. Prices must be clearly indicated on the service, which offers a food delivery.
Corporate lunches
Frequently bought lunch delivery in office, some institutions offer a ready-made menu.
Cost of delivery
Another important factor is the cost of delivery, it can be both free and do away cheap. Some companies for the delivery of food set minimum order, for which the delivery will be free of charge.
Opening times
It is necessary to take into account the time of meal delivery service. It happens that the need for breakfast, and take orders only from 10-11 am, or on the contrary, took the dish for dinner, when service delivery is no longer served.
It is advisable that the company that delivers food, catering establishment was known in the city, such as the Let it be a restaurant or cafe, pizzeria, sushi bar, but not underground, the company that makes your dishes at night in an unknown place, far from the sanitary requirements.
Discounts and Promotions
Importantly, if the company offers discounts for the delivery of their regular customers, for example, on holiday or just for a weekend. This is frustrating to find the action "2 pizzas for the price of one" and so on.
Payment must be transparent, as convenient, in cash and non-cash form.
It is necessary to pay attention to the fine features of delivery - how long it will take, in what form and on what the courier arrived. It is hard to imagine a hot pizza brought on a moped in the winter, and there would be questionable hygiene.
Pros and cons
The greatest advantage to bring food that does not need to waste your time. This is especially important during a lunch break or when home busy day.
However, in any restaurant or cafe people are not only eat, but also the atmosphere. I get food at home, to feel the atmosphere fail. Not always dish can be fresh or successfully delivered.
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