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Estrogen: description and norm in the body

Estrogen - sex hormone, providing a broad impact on the female body. He is responsible for the preservation of beauty, youth and health, for the development of the reproductive system, breast, figure, sexuality. Estrogen distributes body fat regulates bone health has an impact on the overall health of the body, as well as the mood and emotions of women.
Description and norm
Main place of hormone production - ovaries. Like other important hormones of the body, estrogen has many functions. During the onset of the transition period in the life of the girl hormone levels in the body increases, as a result of increased mammary gland start to grow hair, formed shape of the pelvis. The hormone prepares the body of a young girl to motherhood.
The rate of the hormone estrogen in the adult female body - from 57 to 476 pg / mL (the exact value depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle). In old age (during menopause) number of hormone can vary from 19.7 to 82 pg / ml.
Estrogen and food
To increase estrogen eat foods that contain selenium. This pumpkin, mushrooms, garlic, oysters, eggplant, seaweed, walnuts. It is also useful trace element such as zinc - it in large amounts in soybeans, wheat bran, calf liver. Eat foods, phytoestrogens (plant variants is of female sex hormones): cranberries, apricots, broccoli and cauliflower.
To reduce the levels of the hormone promote intake of fiber (found in fruits, vegetables and grains). Include in the diet foods rich in sulfur: onion, green vegetable leaves, egg yolks, citrus fruits. Take B vitamins as an additive to foods, eat foods rich in vitamins: it is pumpkin, risk, lentils, peppers. Of fruit - bananas and kiwi.
With a shortage of the hormone in the body is decreased performance. The woman begins to experience frequent fatigue, nervousness, she does not sleep well, changes occur in the mood. Menstruation is not regular and painful. The fall of the hormone in the male body is due to poor eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle.
Excessive amounts of the hormone signals the occurrence of stress and depression. It appears overweight (up to obesity). The body goes through inflammatory processes. Abnormal up or down lowers libido - sexual attraction to the opposite sex.
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