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Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH): description and Norman

This gonadotropin hormone enters the group (along with luteinizing). FSH - a hormone of pituitary and placenta (the organ that links the mother's body and fetus), regulating the basic function of sexual glands.
Description and norm
One of the most important human systems - reproductive. Hormone FSH is the pituitary gland (endocrine gland, which is responsible for growth and development), after the signal is released into the blood. Responsible for the development of germ cells and the seminiferous canals in men. He is responsible for an increase in plasma testosterone. Another of its function - providing sperm maturation. The women responsible for the maturation and development of the structural components of the ovaries - the follicles.
Normal follicle-stimulating hormone in male organizme- from 1.5 to 12.4 mIU / ml. Women indicators may be different (the specific number depends on the period of the menstrual cycle). Exemplary values ​​- from 1.7 to 134.8 mIU / ml (high values ​​are mostly in postmenopausal).
Follicle-stimulating hormone and food
To normalize the levels of the hormone, consume more products that contain fatty acids. The diet should include fatty fish, avocados, nuts and a variety of seeds. Pay attention to the greens and sea vegetables - they are rich in vitamins, which are particularly necessary for the body. Eat cabbage, seaweed nori ivakame, as well as spinach and broccoli.
Be sure to diversify the diet of ginseng (as a drug, food additives). This will improve blood circulation and nutrition authorities regulating hormone levels in the body. The recommended dose - 50 mg twice a day (one capsule). Normalize weight and get rid of stress, then the process of activating the hormone will be much easier and faster to the body.
Reduced hormone levels in women can be caused by obesity or impaired activity in the hypothalamus (the region includes a large number of cells and regulates many processes in the body). Low hormone levels in men may indicate impotence, low sperm quality and testicular atrophy (reduction in volume).
High levels of FSH may be accompanied by bleeding, which are not related to the menstrual cycle or no cycle. The men called renal failure, alcoholism, or X-ray irradiation of the pituitary tumor. The level can also be upgraded after a course of some medicinal drugs.
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