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Foie gras - overseas poison

Historical facts about the foie gras.
French chefs gave the world the most delicate foie gras with a romantic name "foie gras". The literal translation strange for Russian-speaking people, the word sounds very simple, "fatty liver." Why fat? Because geese are fattened in a special way, against their will, and through a special tube. This method of production of delicacies, which are hunted for real gourmets, has been known since the dawn of time. Skilled chefs of ancient Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire knew many ways to prepare a fatty liver overfed birds. Culinary Roman books, dating from the VI century AD, contained the first recipe foie gras. But in those days, this amazing product called "figovoy liver» (Jecur ficatum) by name intended for fattening, soaked and crushed fruit. Over time, one Latin word was erased, and the other was transformed into foie (foie).
The brutality of the French or the production of foie gras
If the secret of making delicious pies has been known since ancient times, why foie gras is considered to be the brainchild of French chefs? Probably because it was in France its production on an industrial scale began in the 80s of the last century. The rapid development of retail chains and distribyuterskih points led a broad line sales. As a consequence there is a need to expand production, regulated by national legislation. Moreover, the fatty liver is a cultural and gastronomic heritage of France and traditionally appears on the Christmas table.
Foie gras that is and what to eat
In accordance with the regulations of the produced several types of foie gras:
1. whole;
2. block;
3. block with wedges;
4. mousse;
5. pate;
6. parfait.
There are also several ways of processing, and which determines the final taste of the product. For foie gras to be found in cheese, fresh, pasteurized or preserved condition. Serve pie usually immediately after cold snacks. In the hot delicacy can be supplied as part of any food, such as escalope or medallions Rossini. In Russia, the popular roast liver with berries. White dessert wine perfectly complement the gastronomic composition. Southwestern preference is given to the French red wine, which contains a lot of tannins.
Sponsored tricks of foie gar and another lie Europeans
But the delicacy is good only for its delicate taste unusual. A common slogan "Foie gras will gain longevity" - nothing more than a marketing ploy conceived by which cunning dealers sell slow-acting poison for big money. Accumulate in the body, fatty liver mutant contributes to the rapid increase in the level of cholesterol, helping them to seal blood vessels, which can lead to very dire consequences.
Animal-welfare advocates warn of possible infection or cirrhosis of the liver amyloidosis, if too carried away by French cuisine. Accidents hocus geese on farms cheapest wine, which increases their body to abnormal sizes and ill. At the same time it acts as a result of amyloidosis chronic state of stress and internal inflammatory processes in birds, which is caused by force-feeding through special metal tubes that are pushed into the throat of the birds.
No matter what foie gras for many years now proudly appears on the tables of elite restaurants, forcing himself to wait hungry palates. Expensive - the main reason for the low popularity in our country. New items Russian man, accustomed to aspic with horseradish and herring under a fur coat, perceives with apprehension, especially when it comes to gastronomic delights. It and is correct.
We do not need the foie gras for your tuber
Friends, let's sum up the line and make a conclusion! Not everything is tasty useful! Poor bird rape, making life hell and impose their sick fashion us a lot of money. Think about your health. Eat our local, natural products. Russian cuisine in our genes. Herring under a fur coat, too, can make a delicacy, if you hold a global public relations company nationwide. Everything depends on our citizenship.
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