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Who is a food photographer and how to become one in Saint Petersburg

Recently, delicious and stylish photos in social networks have become increasingly popular . Let's try to figure out who makes them, and what is behind it. If you decide to take professional food photography, you need to:
• Ideas. Be able to see the right, stylish frame. This phrase includes the harmony of colors, the clarity of the layout of products on the plates. Ie, initially the dish should already look stylish. As before, we were taught that the skill is to make a candy out of shit. In reality, a quality dish starts with quality products. So in food photography, if the original version of the dish is not "ice", then no matter what the photographer is, he will not change the structure of the feed if he does not have the right look.
• Equipment. An expensive item in the food photographer profession. Light, tripod, rails, stabilizer, the camera itself, specialized boxes. I will not advertise brands here. If you invest from scratch, you can get more than one hundred thousand.
• Paraphernalia. Any food photographer has more than one background and stylish things for a harmonious photo depending on the style.
• Processing of the photos. Processing the source frame can have a strong effect. Of course, it all depends on the original, but without editing, it is difficult to get a juicy, delicious photo. To do this, you need to be well versed in specialized programs.
What subtleties are used by foot photographers in St. Petersburg.
Many people know that not all food that is removed is edible. Many food photographers use hairsprays, machine oil, and creams to give food the desired gloss, Shine, and durability. But all this can be done thanks to edible additives. The chef who makes the dish must initially take into account this fact. The dish should stand for some time.
How to choose a food photographer in St. Petersburg
Understand whether to order a particular specialist will help his work, reviews, accumulated name. Now there are a lot of food photographers in St. Petersburg. Some shoot on the phone, others stand out by inviting their stylist, many shoot for free earning a portfolio. When negotiating, you should pay attention to the timing of photo processing, reliability and professionalism of the photographer. After all, some events are not repeated more in life. Find out what equipment the food photographer has and, of course, see his work.
What advantages do you get when ordering a food shoot from me
• The first and most important difference, I don't need stylists, I'm a chef and I see how the dish looks better. I know the whole process from the inside. I'll tell the boss, find a common language. You can view my work in the "Summary" tab on my author's website.
• Speed of order completion. I do the processing and give the finished frames during the next day.
• Reliability. I am a public person, I value my name. I can't afford not to do my job well.
Price range of food photographers in Saint Petersburg
The price of food photography services depends on the name and professionalism of the photographer. On average, the price range starts from 3000 rubles per hour, departure for 4 hours from 10000rubles and shooting day 30000rubles. My price is lower than the average market price. Write to vacap +79062256597 and we will make an agreement. The works can be viewed here.
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