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Gastronomic dinner. The interest for the investor bar, restaurant, club.

This is my blog for investors and managers of restaurants, bars, cafes and catering companies in St. Petersburg. The proposal is to carry out gastronomic dinners at their sites. Let's take a closer look at the interest of the project:
1. The gastronomic dinner event.
1.1. Promotional occasion. Advertising reason for each institution is required. The advertisement is engine of the trade.
1.2. Fresh phenomenon in the institution. As the positions in the group of social networks provide new information bursts and new visitors. The more recent events, the less congestion.
1.3. An additional source of attracting visitors. In terms of cooperation it provided an opportunity to bring together guests at the event.
1.4. Word of mouth. Satisfied guests no doubt will share about this event, their friends and acquaintances.
2. Experience of staff
2.1. Tips and advice on the organization. During the time of the possible advice on the organization of work. Fresh professional opinion about the work is always important.
2.2. New ideas for chefs and chef. New dishes and design solutions are always interesting, and deposited in the minds of colleagues.
3. Profit
3.1. From additional orders. In addition to the special offer, guests can enjoy a drink and possibly meals establishments menu. For example, many are willing to sit after a gastronomic dinner and drink beer with toast or a glass of wine with a cheese platter.
3.2. From the event. It is envisaged the possibility of the division of profits and expenses as a percentage.
3.3. From these visits. Satisfied people will always come again in like institution.
Terms of cooperation and possible developments.
1. The division of income and expenses in equal parts.
1.1. Expenses for food (+ - 1500R / person)
1.2. Expenses for study set (+ - 5000r)
1.3. Spending on PR program (from 20000r.)
1.4. The costs of design solutions and utensils (+ -5000r)
1.5. Income from entrance ticket
2. 100% of the costs and receive the chief arrived. Restaurant at the event and the new party.
3. 100% of the costs and profit institution. Payment of the chief 20000r.
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