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The hormone adrenaline, how to control the amount of

What is adrenaline
This material is also called "fear or stress hormone" as increased amount of epinephrine in humans in such conditions. Isolation of adrenaline - a natural reaction to stress, which can cause burns, starvation, exposure to cold or even a quarrel at work, exams, and other factors. The hormone adrenaline is mobilizing all the forces of the body in order to survive in an extreme situation. Therefore, when it is enhanced secretion of brain activity, glucose enters the blood, muscles of the arms and legs become more effective. The main task under stress - to apply maximum effort to escape. But not always in the modern world can solve the problem of the flight, because many people suffer from an excess of adrenaline. Development of this hormone is regulated by the nervous system, that it directly affects the surplus or lack of it.
There is a drug based on the adrenaline, which is used in medical practice strictly on prescription. He helps run the processes in the body of the patient with heart failure, asthma attacks and other diseases.
Symptoms of chronic overabundance of adrenaline:
- Quickens the heartbeat;
- Shortness of breath, a person may even suffocate;
- Reduced level of vision, blurred objects seen;
- Pain and a feeling of tightness in the chest;
 - Insomnia;
- Fatigue;
- Memory impairment;
- Muscle twitching in the legs.
Normally, release of the hormone adrenaline going for 1-2 minutes, and the body utilizes it completely for 5 minutes if the reaction is normal and stressful situation ends. If a person is exposed to constant stress, the adrenaline levels can go off-scale. Manifest symptoms described above, in addition there may be emotional instability, tension, fear, anxiety.
How to reduce the level of adrenaline
It lowers the level of adrenaline anything that helps relieve stress. It is necessary to do relaxation, meditation, sign up for yoga. Generally speaking, it is necessary to change the way of life.
When the attack as a result of adrenaline came suddenly, then it is also possible to consult, to help such methods:
- Need to focus on your breathing and take a deep breath and exhale;
- Quietly count to 10 ... 20;
- Take a relaxing bath with sea salt and essential oils;
- Lie on your back and alternately tense and relax the muscles of the arms and legs for 10 seconds;
- Sometimes waiting for something bad to worse that can happen in reality. Perhaps it is not so scary, you imagine the worst possible outcomes of events, because of it, too, can find a way out;
- A conversation with someone or the family man, a friend;
- As a result of physical activity a considerable amount of adrenaline is processed, it may contribute to running, or at least squats.
Products that reduce or increase the level of adrenaline
Power control, regular physical activity, healthy sleep cause adrenaline levels back to normal, if not revealed serious diseases in humans. With regular use of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, the level of adrenaline is normalized. It is desirable to eliminate the sugar, because it is the hormone adrenaline increases its content in the blood. You also need to eliminate the flour products, fatty meat, alcohol and cigarettes.
Nutrition is one of the fundamental factors that affect the amount of adrenaline, the food should be healthy and quality. Any fruits and vegetables reduce the amount of adrenaline - it cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, squash, peas, cabbage, carrots. Fresh Mint will significantly help reduce the level of adrenaline. You should not abuse the black tea or coffee - is a stimulant that on the contrary, stimulate the nervous system. Dairy products as kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, too, will benefit those who suffer from stress.
Sometimes adrenaline can raise exotic, unusual dishes for the body, too sharp or sour, cold. For many fans of extreme sports is one of the ways of extreme entertainment - try the fried scorpion, tarantula, Fugu fish in an Asian country or other culinary delights.
Analysis on hormones
The analysis is carried out on the adrenaline in identifying the major symptoms that indicate its overabundance. Assign it can endocrinologist or gynecologist. The analysis is performed on urine or blood. The result is usually issued within 2 days. Blood is taken in a state of lying down and standing up, the rate of 110-140 pg / mL.
How to raise the level of adrenaline
There are people who want to increase the amount of adrenaline in the blood. There is even a relationship that is somewhat similar to the drug. To increase the level of adrenaline is trying to get the man himself in an extreme situation - is jumping with a parachute, is engaged in dangerous sports. Stimulant hormone adrenaline are alcohol and coffee. If a man leads an active lifestyle, the adrenaline in his body almost immediately utilized, in other cases it is necessary to be cautious about such hobbies. Increased levels of the hormone and fasting, because you need to analyze the amount of adrenaline for people suffering from anorexia.
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