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Group cooking class. Wonderful cuisine awaits guests

Friends, you are often asked about how to get to my cooking courses or a master class. His great desire to learn with my help to prepare delicious meals, you inspired me to a special culinary meeting. I decided to put everyone in their wonderful, in every sense, and kitchen to share with you some of my secrets toques. You are curious what will happen to my guests? Now I tell more.
What are we going to cook on cooking classes?
Amazing and delicious gastronomic delights:
1. Carp, enclosed in an amazing crisp and seasoned stunning "tartar" sauce. When applying this wonderful dish will use mint flavoring.
2. Entree made from spicy eggplant with garlic fragrant, appetizing bell pepper and egg farmers. Submission of unusual dishes using cold smoke verbena.
3. Cheese soup with chicken breast unparalleled Sous-vide. Cooking the meat will be on a special technique, with the use of low temperatures and vacuum.
What other measures in the program of cooking classes?
• Introduction. We are closer look, talk. I will share culinary secrets, will show a different set of tools, will tell you how to use them. Ready I will answer all questions.
• Education. I am pleased to tell you and show you how to prepare their own three incredibly tasty dishes. I will give everyone the opportunity to try his guest to create a personal masterpiece. Of course, in the process will help and suggest.
• Tastings. Naturally, we'll try to get what you have prepared. But there will be another surprise - "blind" tasting of mini snacks. You have to guess the composition of the dishes. It will be interesting and very tasty.
PHOTOSESSION. I really want to have remained positive memories of the wonderful time spent in my kitchen. A professional photographer will capture all the impressions. After our meeting, you will have not only a good mood, but also excellent photos.
Where and when to meet?
In St. Petersburg, in the Glider Street 59, in the SEC "Montpensier", on the 4th floor. I'll wait for you at 19:00 on October 18 this year. We will spend 3 unforgettable hours together.
Important details!
• The number of those wishing to attend the training will be limited
• The course fee is 5000 rubles
How to visit a master class?
Very simple! We just need to dial the phone number 79062256597 or write down here Clarify all the details, pay in advance 10% of the cost of training.
Discounts and free tickets
Be sure to make a discount:
• The first three of the future participants - 50%
• Businesses of 3 or more cooks - 30%
• All subscribers of my page - 10%
And giving away a free ticket among my subscribers.
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