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Heinz Raytbauer kitchen as a field for biokonstruirovaniya

"If I had until the end of life
 It has one single dish,
it would be the easiest.
For example, fish that I catch myself "
Heinz Raytbauer
Vienna's City Park is famous not only beautiful scenery, but also a fashionable restaurant «Steirereck». The unusual building stands on the bank of the river, and the co-owner of the institution and its legendary chef Heinz Raytbauer (Heinz Reitbauer) treats guests with dishes of traditional Austria.
«Steirereck» chief secret of success
Heinz Raytbauer - architect at heart, but in reality remarkably successful chef. He was the initiator of the fact that the oldest restaurant in Vienna «Steirereck» is necessary to completely rebuild. Since childhood fascinated by architecture, Raytbauer becoming chief decided to impress their guests with modern and unusual design. The restaurant fits perfectly into the landscape and become almost invisible due to the mirrored facade. The interior places no less original: the ancient castle Shtirskogo beams, white furniture and white menu.
Plus places a democratic and café on the ground floor. Good for breakfast and light lunches attract many.
The success of the restaurant and its chef depends not only on the unusual building inside and out. Heinz Raytbauer feeds its guests unique dishes that combine high and rustic cuisine. Products that use a chef, very fresh, bring their own farm «Steirereck».
Architect or cook?
Heinz Family Raytbauera of Styria. Country is famous for game, fish, wine, pumpkin oil and sophisticated cooking. Since childhood, Heinz could not decide whom to be. I wanted to become an architect and cook at the same time.
Choosing the road to the world of culinary arts, he guessed. He was lucky to work with the great chef Alain Chapelle and internships at Robuchon.
Lunch from Raytbauera
Not just lunch, but dinner and breakfast the famous chef can not leave anyone indifferent. His institution can try goulash meat mountain chamois, originally cooked lamb chops and an incredible dessert, consisting of rose petals. Guests of the restaurant can enjoy dozens of varieties of cheese from the cellar places, explore the map and try bread luxury sherbet.
Before you file a regular meal, the visitor first, bring the card, which indicates the name of the list of all components and printed curious facts.
Specialty "Steirereck" - "trout cooked with beeswax yellow with the addition of carrots," pollen "and sour cream" served unusual. Guests can see a part of the fish and pour the wax in such a way is left to turn into a beautiful and delicious meal. The decoration of the finished dish is trout roe, which is covered with orange pollen made of carrots with the addition of quince vinegar.
Another delicious meal - a "fried sturgeon (grilled) with cabbage kohlrabi and adding quinoa seeds, elderberry." I served it with a cream made from chive, with the addition of Sichuan pepper.
Complete the meal with a dessert can be, which is called "soufflé created from hemp seeds, with the addition of cider and rhubarb." As part of the food frozen buttermilk, vanilla and added shёnbrunnskie lemons and cider sorbet and pickled rhubarb with apple, elder, sorrel, verbena and barberry. All watered rhubarb sauce.
• In the list of "50 best restaurants in the world"
• Earn 4 "toques" by Gault & Millau
• Three Michelin stars
"Draws inspiration from the elegance of nature"
That's what says Heinz Raytbauer its kitchen. He believes that the need to take more out of nature, engage biokonstruirovaniem. Because the kitchen is becoming more like a laboratory, technology has become an integral part of the process of creating dishes. But the nature of the product and has been and remains a point of reference. Modern technology of cooking is closely related to the natural beginning.
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