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Jorge Vallejo

Mexican Kitchen - is not just food,
exigencies, which overshadows all tastes.
In it different shades of severity:
sour, sweet, smoked
Jorge Vallejo
Successful restaurant and a chef with a suitcase ingredients
«Quintonil» - a famous restaurant in Mexico City, it "runs the show" brilliant chef Jorge Vallejo. The Mexican restaurant attracts gourmets? Needless unusual kitchen. Naturally, it is Mexican, but special. Nutritious and fresh. The amazing and rich. Elegant and warm. All this can be said about the kitchen Vallejo.
In addition to seasonal products (fruits, herbs and vegetables) from his garden Jorge Vallejo uses rare spices to create his dishes 'ethical food'. Chef «Quintonil» confident that Mexican food should be not only incredibly delicious, but also very healthy. He never goes over the top with oil, grease and frying uses.
But most interesting is that the Mexican "ethical chef" prepares special dishes not only in his shop. He travels around the world on a culinary tour of treats and delights all who are willing and able to come to visit him. Some ingredients Vallejo carries with him in a personal suitcase. And it's true!
On a cruise ship in the on-site restaurant
Jorge Vallejo started his career Povarskaya on a cruise ship. At sea, he spent 3 years. According to Jorge, this work was for him like an army, it is his very disciplined. After all, when you cook every day for a few thousand people, the timing is very important. His kitchen and now works perfectly and precisely like clockwork. The day begins at 5 am, cooks go for groceries or take them from local farmers in the restaurant. To 10 o'clock started to create wonderful dishes.
Tired of working days on the ship, the talented Mexican chef went ashore and began to improve in gourmet restaurants. He was only 23 years old, but had a great experience. Jorge took fancy restaurants «Noma» and «Pujol». With «Pujol» associated significant event in the life of Vallejo. When he came to the interview in this place, with it held a conversation cute girl Alejandra. Soon they began to meet. Jorge Alejandro have been together for many years and his restaurant in 2012, they have created together.
Branded ant eggs
Specialty of the house - it's always interesting feature of the restaurant and tireless imagination boss. At Jorge Vallejo masthead dish became "Ant eggs." Mexican restaurant guests love them dearly and eagerly bought. But when the chef prepares a dish in another country, the guests do not inform in advance its composition. Waiters reveal the secret until after the eggs have been eaten.
From chef takes a curious ingredient? Of course, he does not run on anthills in search of eggs. They collect for him a woman one of the communities. By the way, ant eggs are very similar in appearance to the rice, so there are no problems with Vallejo smuggling of this product through customs.
Delicate sharpness of Mexican cuisine
Vallejo said Mexican cuisine is very harmonious. Although many people think that the main thing in Mexican dishes - it's sharpness, he argues that this view is mistaken. In acuity has its nuances, acids, sweets, smoked. Jorge and his chefs were treated with tactfully exigencies that each guest could feel the core of Mexican cuisine, its uniqueness.
Jorge Vallejo appreciate the unusual technique of cooking dishes of Mexican cuisine - «tatemar». In translation this word means "burning." The ingredients should be put into the fire, burning them, then they have an unusual taste - the taste of fire.
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