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The game on the flight always effective

The quest for optimization is quite natural for a competent leader, and as such if you are, you are sure to enjoy my next rule.
Take every three months a new employee, removing weak.
I will be very honest - this approach has received the most criticism from colleagues, and you should be mentally prepared for such a reaction. The fact that people without the constant struggle and competition tend to relax, and it does not contribute to a high level of impact and productivity. I bet you could and for a notice like that - come to a new place and full of energy, a desire to show himself, to arrange anarchy and turn everything upside down. And then life is part of the usual pace, and you have nothing to fight for - is sufficient to perform their duties at the secondary level, and nobody even will not be upset.
That is why I decided to take this approach, and more than once convinced of its extreme efficiency. Let's try to figure out what is the reason for the effectiveness of the game to crash.
• For a successful chef will not be difficult to find a person on the minimum rate. Modest payment is easily explained by the fact that the value of such personnel is still too low, but in his hands - enough to begin to pump their skills and delve into the working process with due diligence to go to the next level;
• Hardworking capable newcomer will only be customized with your presence the rest - people will stay in good shape, and the kitchen will reign the spirit of healthy competition;
• As a result, in three months you will be able, together with the staff to assess who was the weak link, and who have worked on glory. The process can be started again from its starting point.
At first glance, this approach is, of course, may seem somewhat irrational, but I assure you that the proper application of this method in a win-win all. Due to the fact that the rate of new employee is minimal, nothing to lose institution, and takes at least another one free hand, as a maximum - an opportunity to get in a better state employee. Permanent workers get food sickly dose of motivation, and a brand-new employee - a chance to show yourself and become part of a team or as an impressive baggage of experience, which is also good. After the so-called trial period, I usually prefer to carry out an anonymous vote, and final decisions are made by myself.
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