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Interested in the opinions of guests

Come out into the hall and personally ask the guests their impressions.
This tradition is very typical for European restaurants of different classes, but in domestic institutions is, perhaps, is extremely rare. What are the advantages of a chef practicing such events, and what benefits it can bring to the restaurant?
1. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the output of the chef in the hall to the guests can be a chip institution. If this is not common in your city, be sure – you will be talked about.
2. And, of course, the chef himself will not remain without attention – the exits to the hall contribute to the "promotion" of the personality, which is an additional way to popularize the restaurant, "live advertising»
3. If the boss is present in the hall, it emphasizes the status of the institution, its exclusivity and prestige, as well as the professionalism of the staff.
4. People are madly in love with attention to their own person, so they will be doubly happy with the evening spent in this place, if their personal opinion was interested in the chef himself. Guests love when their wishes and comments are listened to. It is important that expectations are met and views are taken into account.
5. In addition, personal access to the hall allows you to avoid misunderstandings or will resolve a possible conflict.
6. The guest unwittingly has a desire to come back to feel the cordiality of the reception again and feel like a really important person.
It is especially useful to go to the hall when there are many regular visitors.  In the case that the restaurant just recently opened, this technique will help quickly to acquire them. In addition, guests will involuntarily associate the image of the chef with the restaurant itself, and such associations will only contribute to the development of the institution. Judge for yourself – it is much more pleasant to return to where the chef who once charmed you prepares for you, than the faceless unknown character.
The process of entering the hall will not require Titanic efforts, but are mandatory:
• Clean, neat shape.
• Neat appearance.
• Goodwill and sincere interest.
• Self confidence.
All of the above will make a lasting impression on each visitor, and the effect is not long in coming.
The guest must leave with the desire to return.
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