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What made you become a chef?
Mom chef, so it was silly to waste so much skill. Since childhood, to observe the process of cooking the hands of a professional, gradually transferred to the subtleties.
What inspires and where do you get your inspiration from?
Probably, this is one of the key indicators in our profession. When there is no inspiration, you can relax and go to smoke, it is unlikely that we can expect interesting. It all depends on my mood, which in particular form loved ones. Of course, the feeling of love is also inspiring.
Your favorite meal?
I love pork chops with mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs and salted cucumber. Custard pastries, cake napoleon, herring under a fur coat. Specifically, there is one dish, all of their good when properly cooked.
What is your favorite ingredient?
I like to work with nezaezzhennoy ingredients, various berries, such as actinides, fish.
What is your favorite tool in the kitchen?
The most versatile tool is the knife. Good sharp knives - a guarantee of success. I have a line of Japanese knives, I believe in this country are doing the best tools for cooks.
Where and what would you like to eat?
I want to try new combinations of products from all over the world, I like it tasted fresh cane in Africa, interesting seafood, China has had a chance to try snakes and sea urchins. Of interest is the tradition of other nations, to soak with the philosophy of eating them.
What most "touches" in the kitchen?
The strategy of properly built system and during peak hours, when the printer does not stop. But first of all the respect in the team together. The team is a unit, as a family.
Your vision of the "New Russian cuisine"?
Food inherent in our genes from generation to generation. Tradition in a new guise using new technologies. Proper cooking. I believe that in my recipes are reviewed, for example, "herring under a fur coat" Collate components Many, by the way, things still do not understand.
Do you think the advantages of Russia from the west in the gastro world? What kind?
Sure, first of all it is a product. Look at the map and you will understand that in a country that is the largest in the world in different climatic zones of the most different products, cultures and traditions. I believe that we have a lot of talented chefs, and Russia in international competitions unfairly harassed, as in other spheres.
Who influenced your style of cooking or have a philosophy?
My philosophy is properly structured minimalism and design decision, where the color is important. Another important factor is technology. Receptor clearly responds to the first portion of food. After that tastes have to change to stay vivid impression of the meal. A large portion do not allow for such a change, the receptors quickly become dull and we simply fills the stomach.
What do you imagine the changes in the restaurant business, the next 5 years?
Given the fact that now there was a decline in the restaurant business and the competition is for each guest, assuming an increase in the level of service, lower prices and the emergence of many different chips. Russian cuisine is the most urgent, because of the high profitability compared with its competitors.
What changes would you like to see in culinary schools?
In culinary school wants, above all, to see a good result and the level of dividends and not picking up. Many technical schools and institutions due to lack of specialists teach outdated technologies and visions. That is why we have seen a stagnation in the catering industry.
What changes would you like to see in the restaurant business?
First of all, changes in food culture. Higher levels and the transition to the local manufacturer, healthy, high-quality eco-product. In many restaurants forget that food is primarily to be in favor.
Your advice for young chefs or people who are thinking to get into this field?
The most important thing is the desire and aspiration. Now a lot of information on the Internet, you can easily educate themselves. Do not chase the money, they will come when there will be experience.
What are you looking for when hiring employees?
The desire to develop orderly and hard work.
How to motivate your team?
In all my projects and contracts delivered enhanced incentives aimed at different aspects, including the development of creative potential, which is why many chefs who worked with me, now working chefs.
If you had to build the best team in the kitchen, who would it be?
These were young men seeking to conquer new heights in the world of cooking. I think the two chiefs on the same kitchen, it would be cramped.
Your favorite activity in the kitchen during the practice?
I like to open restaurants from scratch, because in this case we can make and design all by itself, so it was convenient to operate. Basically, investors, saving, enjoy free projects from suppliers, forgetting that they have their own interests and do not have such practices, resulting in a cook and then suffer the same suffering from irrational investor effort.
Cook your favorite book?
The book is well a lot, but I wrote her. This is my best author's recipes with the intricacies and detailed explanations. It will be released March 19 on my birthday, by the way, you can download it free of charge will be at the site of the International Chef's Alliance in this section
What is your favorite recipe or a signature dish?
I really like the conventional cheesecakes I do them in such filing. Corporate cheesecake recipe is stunning is such a variation in my opinion the most delicious of all the options that I had to try.
Your favorite combination of products?
Strawberry blends well with ginger. Cheese with garlic.
The organic product or GMOs? Your attitude.
Genetically modified foods each other strife. But preference is uniquely organic products. GMO - is unknown, it is not clear that the consequences.
The food of the future, what is it, in your opinion?
Reduction in price would lead to the development of the GMO product, more additives in the structure. Say, is not natural.
The first memory of food that comes to mind?
When I eat, I am deaf and dumb. When I eat, I have to speak and listen. ))
Positive or an unforgettable moment in the kitchen?
There were so many positive and unforgettable moments in my practice. Once a long time ago for my birthday waitress working with me, I decided to make a surprise, and right in the room, at the pool table, where I played with a colleague on my day off, came up to me, took off all his clothes and congratulated on the holiday. There were many employees who probably wanted to see my reaction. I was a little taken aback, even confused. But now, this moment really funny.
Your favorite cooking technique?
Sublimation and cooking over charcoal.
What drives your ambition?
To be first.
Favorite hobby to relax?
Good sex and extreme sports.
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