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How to find a chef: the intricacies of selection of the main guests of the restaurant

Chef - a kind of foundation for any self-respecting restaurant, a key figure and the head of the team running smoothly. Therefore, imagine a good restaurant without a chef hard. By itself, the search for capable, competent, hard-working and creative employees - a real challenge to the owner of the restaurant, but throw away all thoughts about the difficulties, because the result is really worth it.
The first is to understand the very essence of the role of the chef. This is contrary to prevailing stereotypes, not just a person engaged in cooking. This person takes on the burden of such responsibilities as training new staff, the implementation of marketing solutions, developing menus, chat with visitors and control of cooking processes. Based on this set as a chef is much broader than just the ability to cook. In addition, as saying: "The taste and color - no friend."
Who are you looking for?
From the outset narrow down the search, it is important to understand who it is you want to find. When searching it is imperative to specify, based on what your restaurant kitchen. This will advance the applicants relate their capabilities and your needs. Keep in mind that the more exotic direction, the more problematic is finding a specialist - in some cases even have to invest in additional training.
Qualities that play a role in finding a chef
To find a chef for the restaurant, it is necessary to examine the qualities that are inherent in this professional skill.
1. Temperament. In every restaurant there are days when everything goes wrong. The way your chef responds in this scenario will affect the consistency of the entire staff places. Calmness, patience, discipline and ability to handle stress at high loads - a perfect set of characteristics for your future employee.
2. The ability to training. A good chef has pedagogical skills and is able to introduce new employees to date.
3. The ability to control the quality. Big name of your restaurant, well thought-out atmosphere, delicious menu, and the interior - all this will be pointless if the guest does not receive a proper meal taste and quality.
4. Attention to detail. Little things that were not taken into account, can destroy the harmony of the whole, so that it is difficult to be ignored.
5. Friendship with computers and technology. It is not just the ability to use electronic spreadsheets and Excel - here can be attributed ownership of social media or even the presence of a professional blog that will become a valuable part of the marketing process.
6. The management skills and the makings of a leader. Professional chef - a great manager, which controls many aspects of which also there is all the work of the restaurant.
7. And of course the generation of new ideas. Without creativity in this profession not get far.
How to keep your chef
And now, after we have dealt with what is required from the boss, you can go to the next question - what you can do for your specialist that he did not have any desire to leave you at the first favorable offer from another restaurant. Believe me, if you have found the perfect chef for his restaurant, in your own interest to make it best to keep him.
• Let the boss to develop its own menu. When starting a new restaurant, as a rule, all ideas are already painted. But the chef has the right to develop and add to the menu items corresponding to the concept of institution. Thus, you are showing your confidence in the choice of experience and professionalism of your staff.
• If the state has not yet formed, give the boss the opportunity to lead his people. It can be an employee with whom he had worked before, and freedom in this regard shall only positive things.
• Offer a decent wage and high quality equipment. Saving on workers can turn into big losses for you and protracted quest. It is also a good motivation for all employees will become of bonuses or other incentive campaign.
• Promote the name of the boss. Guests rarely come into contact with the chef, as he usually is on the other side - in the kitchen. Work on a public way, and locally known chef gives a stunning effect in the marketing plan.
• Develop your boss. Periodically submit his inspiration in the most prestigious restaurants in the world.
• Send participate in competitions of his boss. This hardening and testing their strength would be beneficial not only to the boss, the but also in the entire restaurant, which he oversees.
A couple of stories from his own experience
When invited to interview for the vacancy brand chief, there were such cases when forced to wait happened were not offered coffee or the manager has no idea of ​​the kitchen trying to build a dialogue. Most annoying when slip and asked to complete the questionnaire. In my opinion, all of these factors suggest disrespectful attitude. If the first meeting you as meet, in the future we can only guess what to expect from the employer. The main message of this article: "If you're looking for a good boss, first of all show respect." After all, the boss is the key figure on which a lot depends on the restaurant.
 This modest set of tips will allow you to find the chef to keep him and put the basis for success of your restaurant.
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