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How to open a cafe

The first difficulties
What challenges will face the entrepreneur, who asked the question, how to open a coffee shop and where to start? First, the discovery of even the small cafe requires the collection of an impressive number of documents and permits:
1. The certificate of registration of the legal entity.
2. Verification of the lease premises.
3. Fully prepared and coordinated the project of the future cafe.
4. Resolution of SES.
5. Agreement with organizations that will be engaged in scavenging, disinsection of premises and so forth.
Of course, then it takes a lot of other documents, but without the above will be impossible to start a business.
In the next place after the document is to develop the idea and the concept of institution, as well as thought-out business plan - after study of these points will be clear what you want to open a cafe.
Choosing concept
Cafes, unlike the restaurant, focused on a much more narrow range. Quite often, entrepreneurs, opening a café stop at a specialized assortment - such cafes include pizza or grill bars.
It should immediately decide on the main target audience - whether your cafe for adults, for students, for workers, and so on. Orientation of the target audience is very important in the selection of sites for future cafe - for example, to open a student café where the mass of business centers and no institution, at least not profitable.
Besides all this, the cafe is shared by the presence of services and the removal of products, availability of alcoholic beverages.
If you are thinking about how to open a coffee shop, it is important to determine the format for the very first stage of the project, and on the basis of the decision to build the concept places already. The concept includes design, menu, the scale of the institution and the entertainment service.
Staff café
The issue of opening a cafe recruitment is one of the key places.
A particular challenge takes a high-level personnel search because finding a good chef - not an easy task. After opening the cafe, when the entire staff will be formed, it is advisable to invest in training chefs.
Selection of the main component of staff is not a problem. Selecting waiters for cafes, better to give preference to young people with an active communication skills. The most important qualities of a good waiter - tact and promptness. Most often, the owners of the cafe waiters are not practicing the motivation level of wages, and their level of income depends on the quality of service - the waiter works better the more he gets a tip.
Advertising cafes
If competition is high enough, it is necessary to attend to the question of promotion of the original cafe, the advertising campaign. The task is easier if the cafe has some kind of "chip" that can differentiate it from similar institutions, and the emphasis in advertising to do exactly this fact.
The list of effective ways to promote the new cafes are the following:
• Promotions related to the opening day;
• Wine;
• Leaflets;
• A sign banners before opening;
• Advertising in social networks, radio and other media sources.
Stages outdoor cafe
So, let's summarize and try to bring to a common denominator the question "how to open a cafe with zero":
1. The registration of a legal entity;
2. Create a business plan - especially this point is important if you plan to look for an investor for your business;
3. Selection and tenancy;
4. Look for suppliers;
5. Acquisition of the equipment needed to operate the café;
6. Recruitment and further training.
If the process is carefully thought out, and you will not deviate from the plan, the chances of success of your institution will be quite high, and the risks - minimal.
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