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How to open a bakery in St. Petersburg from scratch?

Crisp and alluring smell of freshly baked bread loved by all. "Bread - a head", "no dinner without bread" and many other proverbs are closely intertwined our lives. But is it just to bake bread in the current conditions? How to open a bakery in St. Petersburg and the need for effective business in the realities of this competition? Let's try to understand.
1. As in any business, the primary need - a business plan. Thanks to an accurate count and differentiation of costs, you can avoid the additional costs and save money.
2. Any production requires localization. The choice is complicated by the size of the room. So, mini-bakeries must be at least 65 sq.m. Rent or private property - you decide. In addition, of great importance for the future of markets, and thus for the profitability and net income it has the infrastructure area. Transport accessibility and close proximity to potential contractors - an important component of a successful business.
3. Before you open a bakery in St. Petersburg, care should be taken of the norms imposed sanitary-epidemiological service. General Requirements:
• Do not place a bakery in the basement or semi-basement;
• Floor should be waterproof;
• for wall height of 1.75 m is recommended tiles or non-toxic latex paint pastel shades, the rest of the walls and ceiling can be whitewashed;
• The room must be equipped with a central water supply system, heating and ventilation;
• store the products must be in special rooms: storerooms, utility or workers' sheds.
4. Legalization legitimacy of the enterprise requires a special set of documents:
• Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology shall issue a certificate to allow activities;
• fire services must be confirmed in the relevant document on the compliance with all fire regulations;
• environmental assessment must issue a permit.
5. Baking requires special equipment, so before you open a bakery in St. Petersburg, it is necessary to take care of high-quality technical support.
6. Recruitment can be done alone or left to professionals.
Currently growing popularity of baking. Modern technologies have greatly expanded the range of products. But the simple and all the familiar "brick" has not lost its relevance among the baked variety.
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