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How to open a bakery? Detailed recommendations

The first step is to decide on the manner in which you are going to do business. You also need to decide on what output you expect, and already the basis of this parameter to select a room for rent.
Before proceeding to the opening of the bakery, it is important to get all the necessary approvals of the project business - in particular, require the permission of SES, environmental and fire inspection. In addition, it is necessary to wait for the alignment with the agency's technical management and metrology.
I note immediately that the passage of all these procedures are rarely turns hassle-free for those who have only recently wondered "how to open a bakery."
The main requirements that apply to bakeries from the SES:
1. Location of the room - not below the ground floor, which means that the basement will not do.
2. Floor - Waterproof, ceiling - whitewashed. The walls need to be painted or bright paint or tiled to a height of 1.75 meters.
3. Be sure the drain, artificial and natural ventilation, as well as hot and cold water.
4. requires the following auxiliary facilities: toilet, shower room, storage space for food, dressing room for staff and washing plant, and much more.
Required equipment
In order to produce enough products, you need a professional, high-quality equipment. Here I will present a list of the equipment, without which it can not do:
1. Furnace. How to open a bakery without oven? Naturally, in any way. Choose its worth according to production volume, product range and means that you have. Immediately, I note that it is better not skimp on a good wave, because it is a key figure in any bakery. Furnaces can be different: hearth, tunnel, Convection, Rotation and others.
2. The device for making dough.
3. Camera for aging test before baking, or rasstroechnaya camera.
4. The machine for rolling dough.
5. The device for sifting flour with magnetic catcher.
6. The table equipped with a cutting station, divider, forming device.
If you plan to also deal with the implementation of their products, then you need to purchase the following:
1. Storefronts.
2. Shelves.
3. Safe.
4. Cash register.
Naturally, this is not an exhaustive list, and you need to buy furniture, dishes, cleaning equipment and so on.
Assortment of bakery
The success of the bakery, you are going to discover, depends on the breadth of the range. Think about it you need to advance, even at the stage of preparing a business plan when you are just learning the question of how to open a bakery. To beat the competition, not enough to make your products taste better, it is important that you are able to offer more and more interesting.
Staff bakery
Naturally, without the people who will be engaged in production, can not do. Here is a list of employees who require you to complete the work:
• Baker technologist
• Production Manager or Director
• Accountant
• Confectioner
• Assistant baker
• Cleaner
• Seller, provided that you will be selling their wares.
Better to be included in the business plan of training costs, because it is - the surest way to improve the skills of workers and improve the quality of products.
There are several options for the marketing of products - food shops, catering establishments, wholesalers or independent trade. I advise not to give any one way to implement, because the greater the turnover, the greater the profit. This is only a small recommendation helps to realize this idea of ​​the profitability of the business. That he was successful I recommend to contact the experts who opened a bakery from scratch and know all the nuances of this production.
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