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How to open a restaurant from scratch?

Opening their own restaurant in the first place requires a rigorous calculation and sober planning, otherwise all financial investments and time costs will be in vain. In addition, you will need a true professional of the case, had already managed to explore this area of ​​the inside and familiar with all the pitfalls - such an approach would avoid both large financial losses and moral upheaval. We try to understand the basic problems you may encounter a budding entrepreneur who decides to open a restaurant from scratch.
Choosing a location for a restaurant
Location of the restaurant is included in the list of the main factors that will determine the success of the institution. On the choice of location affects class institution, its concept, as much depends on the available offers and whether you plan to use your own premises or rent it.
Rental of premises: the pitfalls
When you open a restaurant from scratch often give preference to lease. So, here are some points that should be noted:
1. At the conclusion of the lease agreement must clearly indicate the amount of payment, the frequency, and the possibility of its increase. If you ignore this item, you may encounter the following situation - with success places the landlord begins to manipulate this fact and over-inflate the cost of rent.
2. If you are opening a restaurant from scratch and renting a room, it is important to prescribe any permanent improvements made at your expense - so you get the compensation for the work to break the contract.
3. When renting the premises of the old fund does not need to skimp on preliminary examination - this will save you from unnecessary expenses for repairs.
4. Be sure to get information about the selected electric power in the room - even a small cafe requires a lot of electricity, not to mention the large restaurant.
5. Location of the restaurant in a building can cause additional problems - such institutions special requirements, not to mention the fact that the live music at night will be an unattainable dream.
Select equipment
Be prepared for the fact that as soon as the repair of the premises, you will get a whole heap of proposals from the representatives of various companies engaged in the supply of equipment for the restaurant business. Do not rush to take the first available offer - collect as much information, ask for recommendations, check the purchase of equipment with the chef.
Before purchasing, make sure that the warranty period, postage and further repairs you completely satisfied.
Opening a restaurant from scratch, you need to know the approximate list of the necessary equipment:
• Kitchen: plates, dishes, hoods, industrial tables, refrigerated cabinets ...
• Hall: furniture (tables, chairs), crockery, audio system, air conditioners, tablecloths ...
• Control and Accounting: computers, software, cash registers ...
• Utility room: plumbing, shelving ...
When you open a restaurant is not recommended to save on hardware - too cheap technique fails in the first year of use, even before he could pay for itself, and uncomfortable furniture will not add loyalty to your customers.
Select staff for restaurant
When you open a restaurant from scratch, it is important to resolve the issue with the staff in advance. If you have never worked in the restaurant business, we strongly advise you to choose an experienced chef to accompany the process of opening a restaurant - believe me, it will pay off handsomely knowledge and save you from the mass disappointment. Naturally, in this case need not stint with the remuneration.
In addition, it is important to pick up as soon as possible upravlyayuschego.Ostalnoy staff (cooks, waiters, cleaners, dishwashers) picked up shortly before the opening.
Also not advised to spend money on training of employees - as practice shows, the first year of the restaurant have to change a lot of workers, so that the training of people who in the near future, possibly fired - at least not cost-effective.
The rest of the preparatory work
It is important to bear in mind that opening a restaurant from scratch, you have to prepare a lot of documents and obtain the appropriate permissions. After developing the concept of the restaurant and prepare an action plan will need to take the approval of project documentation with the relevant authorities. It is also important to choose reliable suppliers, to take care of marketing and certification.
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