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How to open a restaurant. Recommendations by Alain Ducasse

If you are interested in how to open a restaurant, it is quite likely that you will cherish for a long time a lot of this dream and think about it. And if you like this seems like a simple task, I must disappoint you - I can compare the opening of the restaurant from the ground up with the construction of the whole empire, and a constant struggle for her right to life. If you're willing to fight for their idea, and focused on success - my recommendations will be very useful.
The cost of opening a restaurant
First of all, the opening of the restaurant suggests taking care of money issues. How much is to open a restaurant? Perhaps the exact amount can be learned only by experience. On average, 1 square meter restaurant costs from 900 to 2000 dollars, this amount should be added the cost of renting or purchasing premises, which largely depends on the country and city where you decide to open a restaurant. Note that the location of the restaurant will largely depend on its concept and success. The payback period of the restaurant is on average 3-5 years.
Is it profitable to open a restaurant? If you are in this case very little experience, I would not recommend to take risks and try to open a fine dining restaurant - here you need to have an impressive knowledge and a strong grip, and rather big financial investment, payback is questionable. To be successful you will need to master the art of customer retention.
Here I will list some aspects that need to be given full attention, they will help you if you want to know how to open a restaurant:
1. Kitchen. Here it starts the analysis of the market and is limited only by your abilities and preferences.
2. Obtaining all necessary permits and documents.
3. Development of the general concept of the restaurant: the interior, positioning, marketing strategy.
4. Selection of the necessary equipment, automation
5. Recruitment
6. Search for products
7. Develop menu
Common mistakes when opening a restaurant
1. In no case do not open the restaurant "for himself". Institution you open to other people, so be guided by their tastes and preferences.
2. Forget about the economy - not good it will not.
3. Take care of the reputation of the opening of the restaurant. Ruin the reputation of the restaurant can be a mistake, but to fix the problem will have to exert a lot of effort, time and money.
Of course, nuances and pitfalls in the question "how to open a restaurant," far more than has been described by me. Predict and warn every one of them is impossible, and you have to deal with every trouble yourself, based on personal experience, knowledge and belief.
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