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How can I cook quail at home?

Before you cook the quail, is to learn about the benefits of this dietary product.
Useful properties of quail meat
1. Despite the high calorie, meat quail suitable for use for children and the elderly, as well as those who have the body is weakened by illness.
2. The meat protein and many beneficial vitamins, trace elements. Due to the high content of vitamin "B" product it is considered beneficial to the nervous system. There are also calcium and phosphorus, these minerals help to strengthen bones and improve mental performance. Iron has good blood counts, because the meat is useful to use for the prevention of anemia.
3. Meat and quail eggs there as part of a varied diet, which allow to lose weight without losing important for the functioning of the body substances.
How to cook the quail
Generally quails are buying for the holiday, but they come for a relaxing holiday, a family dinner. The question arises - how to cook the quail? Meat cooked on the grill, grilled, roasted and baked in the oven, use in salads and soups. If you plan to bake the carcass, it is marinated and stuffed. The stuffing inside the carcass, not only improves the appearance of the table and gives baked quail shape, but also complement the flavor and aroma of meat.
Toppings for quail
Everyone can express their imagination and choose something that is more to their liking. If you like sweet and sour, it can be used as a filling of orange and pineapple. Just before that you must be sure to remove all the white skin with orange slices, they impart bitterness.
But most of quail stuffed with traditional fillings - mushrooms, rice, potatoes, chicken hearts, apples. Before that, the stuffing should be salt and season with spices to taste.
Quail meat is well soaked with spices and flavor. As used marinade of soy sauce, olive oil, honey, paprika, onion, bay leaf. To marinade meat soaked enough in the evening to rub them the carcass, wrap in plastic wrap and leave overnight in the refrigerator. But if you need to quickly prepare a meal, and then you can marinate for an hour.
Bake in the oven for quail
How to cook the quail to the meat and stuffing inside were not raw? Cooking time depends on the filling. If you use potatoes or rice, stuffed quail is better to put in a special package for baking and cooking in the oven at medium heat for about 40 minutes. Then the package is cut, the meat smeared with honey or mayonnaise, to get a shiny crust and bake for another 10-15 minutes. If not so important whether the prepared stuffing, the quails cooked in a pan or outdoor grill, grill for about 20 minutes. To the meat has not lost juiciness, it can be wrapped in bacon, securing with a toothpick.
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