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How the program works for caterers?

After selecting the fare and payment you will receive a password and login to the system. Further actions are painted for the "independence" of the tariff:
1. Go to site in the upper right corner click the inscription "entrance to partners." As the screenshot number 1.
2. Enter payment received after the login and password in the appropriate fields as shown in the screenshot number 2.
3. After entering the system click "Products" section and entered into the restaurant category of products automation system to further it easier to navigate in the list. For example: "Dairy products", "Vegetables", "Meat", etc. Do not forget to save each category. Example screenshot number 3.
4. After making the categories go to the filling of the product matrix, where it is necessary to specify in their respective fields, "product name", select the required category, select the unit and specify a price. The product name field, you can specify for convenience in parentheses provider as shown in the screenshot number 4.
5. Once made all the necessary products, go to the "Food and PF" category as shown in the screenshot number 5.
6. Just add the category of food, for example: "Delicatessen", "Salads," "Soups". Unforgettable save. Screenshot number 6.
7. Go back to section "Food & PF" and add the TTC. To do this, click on the words "Add a dish or PF." Select the category you want, put a check that a dish or PF, write the name of the dish or PF, put out, fill the column with the products that are included in this dish. Save. Screenshot number 7. If you selected "Tariff Base Ready" all this work for you will make our operators.
8. That's it, the database is ready for use. How to score Purchase Invoice to the warehouse? Go to the "Storage" section, click the inscription "View and modify residues" Screenshot number 8.
Next, enter the number of the products come with the invoice. Save. Screenshot number 9.
9. Now let's see how to do write-off products? All the same, as well as with incoming invoices, just across from written off the value of a product set with a minus sign, eg -2.3
In addition to incoming and outgoing invoices, to see the real balance in stock should be subtracted from the store sold food. How to write off from the warehouse products sold? It's very simple, make a report of dishes sold in the required period, the last write-off and go to the section "Calculation of the order." Screenshot number 10.
Next, put the number of sold portions opposite to each dish, press the "Calculate" button. The system displays product spent on these courses and their cost. This feature is useful for the preparation of the application to suppliers and purchasing the products, determine the cost of meals. Screenshot number 11.
To deduct meals sold from a warehouse, click "Subtract designed products from the warehouse," after which the system automatically brings us to the warehouse and fixes the most recent changes. Screenshot number 12.
When making a tariff, "All Inclusive" you do not have to enter the information in the program for cleaning is sufficient to transfer the data to our operator by e-mail, for you will do everything.
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