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How to make a cake piano

Families who are fond of music on a professional level, they know how important it is that all around was like a favorite hobby. As a young and adult musician, will be extremely happy the cake for a holiday in the form of their favorite musical instrument. And it is important to give not just a parody, which might even disturb the delicate feelings of the musician, and make the layout of the cake looked this catalog pianino, sold on Web sites for professional musicians. What options exist cake decoration?
Color and shape
Cake can be not only the black keys with white, but white or red, purple, pink, bright colors because pianos are quite common. The form should also be observed. It is necessary to ask for a specific model of a musician playing the piano, and to recreate the same shape of the cake. Of course, all 88 keys may not fit, but the main thing that the musician knew. It is necessary to see the difference between a piano from the piano or synthesizer.
Delicious cake recipes will make not only beautiful and symbolic, because it is important to choose the right ingredients. Of what do the top of the cake to make it more believable? There are several options - you can just pour hot dark chocolate and keys cut apart and completely dipped in white chocolate or cream decorate the top with the help of a pastry bag. There are several recipes mastics fashion that came from America, can be used for this marshmallow and icing sugar.
The foundations of a baked biscuit that is cut into cakes and lubricate any cream delicious - oil, condensed milk or even jam.
How to make a cake for the cake
To properly made biscuit need a mixer, which is whipped dough. You will need to mix 4 eggs, 150 grams of sugar, whisk and then add 150 grams of flour. Bake the dough in the form of 20-30 minutes, it is important not to open the door so that it rose. This cake can be cut into 2 or 3 parts, to smear with cream or jam.
How to decorate
From pastry bag you can squeeze in a cream color, make beautiful labels. The figure of the musician on the cake is better not to install, and that in fact, as the birthday and then be there himself? Inedible parts is not worth it to decorate a cake. You can write your wishes and words of a favorite song, a note or draw a treble clef.
But do not forget one important point, everyone should do what the can. If you have an important event, I recommend to entrust the job to professionals and place cake on order, because if you do not succeed, time correction can not stay.
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