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How to make blackberry jam with whole berries

Blackberry like something on the raspberries, and it is a distant relative. Before you write a recipe for blackberry jam with whole berries, a little talk about the beneficial properties of this wonderful berries. Blackberries contain an incredible amount of useful for the body of trace elements, amino acids and vitamins that allow to strengthen the heart muscle, blood vessels. Just berry helps to generate and regenerate blood cells, reduces inflammation and stimulates choleretic mechanisms in the human body. It has a laxative effect, and improves digestion. The beneficial properties of this wonderful berry can talk for a long time, but in this article I would like to pay attention to its storage.
How to save on winter blackberry
The recipe for blackberry jam with whole berries are incredibly simple. Berries to sort out the debris and excess stalks. Put in an enamel pan or stainless steel pan. Add sugar to the berries in a ratio of 50/50. Bring to a boil, cool. Repeat the procedure about four times until you get the desired consistency of jam.
Freeze fresh berries, keeping all the vitamins. To berries are not stuck together as a result of this procedure, they should put an even layer, preferably on parchment. Freeze, then pour in a box for storage, repeat the procedure until filled box. If we freeze immediately in large quantities, there is a risk as a result of a single monolith.
Blackberry juice and bagasse can be used in different dishes. Squeezed juice can be evacuated and freeze, all nutrients remain. In the future, a delicious blackberry ice can be added to sauces, desserts and salad dressings. Oil cake and dry we can add to make tea or powder using a grinder that can be used for many purposes. This powder can flavor the meat, dessert, cold snacks. Also on the cake you can put the mash and make, for example, cider, add the apples.
Recipe of cider from apples and blackberries. Apples to scroll through a meat grinder, add the sugar, oil cake of blackberries, water. Proportions 100/30/30/100 Put in a glass butyl 25-30S in a warm place. In the neck wear a latex glove with a straw. The other end of the tube placed in a jar of water. When fermentation is actively allocated carbon dioxide in and out through a tube, without having to micro-organisms and fungi, mold in the bank will not get. After the reaction will subside, wild yeasts and sugars are converted to alcohol - it will decrease the intensity of bubbles indicates that the beverage can drain and make wine. Will our cider bottle. Add to each bottle with two risinki for the continuation of the reaction and the formation of gases, cork tightly. After a couple of months, you can try the result of effort.
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