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How to choose a garnet

A grainy Apple, that's what the Romans used to say about pomegranates. The fruit of a pomegranate can theoretically be compared with a watermelon, since the edible component is both under the skin. Therefore, we will highlight the main criteria for choosing a pomegranate fruit.
The color of pomegranates
Depends solely on the variety. But more often the ripened fruit has a glossy dark red rind. The darker and deeper the color, the sweeter the fruit. However, the benefits of pomegranate, for example, from Spain and Egypt may be greenish-white in color. Mature grains have a whitish-red color. 
Fruit weight
Give preference to heavy fruits (10-17 cm in circumference), they will probably be juicy.
Pomegranate peel
In a Mature fruit, it is dry (but not hard), thin and tightly attached to the grains. To check, try scratching the pomegranate skin with your fingernail, if this is difficult to do, then you have chosen a Mature fruit. 
Avoid fruit with cracks, dents, and brown spots with a black core. Brown spots on the skin due to sunburn often do not affect the quality of the fruit. 
Inflorescence (ovary)
It resembles a Royal crown, should be dry, without green sprouts and dry mold.
Smell of pomegranate
It is either absent at all, or there is a neutral sweet flavor. 
Slightly square shape, which indicates that the grains are closed together and close to the skin. 
Tap on the grenade with your index finger, if the sound is ringing (like tapping on metal), You have chosen a Mature fruit. If you are deaf, then the fruit is not ripe or overripe.   
And remember, the pomegranate fruit even under favorable conditions (temperature +4/+6°C and humidity 85-90%) does not ripen.
How to choose what garnet is combined with
The fruit contains a large amount of iron, juicy sweet and sour taste is in perfect harmony with micro-green and dark meat, such as beef steak. This tendem effectively breaks down animal fats.
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